Feeling Adventurous? Try a new couples experience this Valentines Day that you both deserve.

Want to try a sexy couples experience this Valentines Day that will get you feeling sexier than ever before?

Taylor Clinic CONCIERGE is offering this Valentines Day, The Couples Transformational Experience that will have you talking about for years to come.

This is your chance to spend an hour with Sydney’s hottest cosmetic couple, Dr Tobias Pincock and Dr Suzie Bekir who will privately chat to you about the most popular couples transformational face and body experiences and discuss a few little “Adults only” options for the adventurous.

“We quite often feel that Sydney Couples are getting these procedures done separately and often secretly. There is no shame in wanting to look great for your partner and in fact, we promote lovers to enjoy each other and admire each other” says Dr Suzie, Taylor Clinic Cosmetic Doctor and GP.

Dr Suzie brings over 10 years of general practice swell as cosmetic experience to the table whilst Dr Tobias Pincock ,Facial Plastic surgeon and Clinical Director of Taylor Clinic brings his experience in providing the best non surgical options for patients without going under the knife. “We pride ourselves on offering Sydney’s largest array of lasers and non surgical procedures”, says the couple who also offer their personal experiences with their treatments.

Taylor Clinic offers  CoolSculpting body treatments, PicoFocus fractionated face lasers, resurfacing lasers, anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, vagina rejuvenating lasers, tattoo removal lasers, and non surgical ultrasonic lifts are just some of the cosmetic tools they use to help design and plan the ultimate couples face and body transformations.

“CoolSculpting is currently our most popular couples treatments, with couples hooking up for an hour side by side and having 25% fat reduction in their most hated stubborn fat pockets such as love handles, double chin, thighs and tummies.”, says CoolSculpting expert  and Manager Simon Land. “Some may say ‘what has the world come too when husbands and wives are fat freezing on Valentines Day’, others may say, ‘hell why not!’

Lets get sexy Sydney.

Please contact Simon Land to arrange your CONCIERGE Taylor Clinic Valentines Couples Transformational Experience with Dr Tobias Pincock and Dr Suzie.


When: Valentines Day Weekend. Apointment only.

What you get: A Surprise partner Gift Card explaining the experience, what to expect on the day and a teaser about the Face and Body Options. Concierge service includes a 1 hour Double Bay Taylor Clinic experience with Dr Tobias Pincock and Dr Suzie , refreshments are included.

Cost –  $499*.

Taylor Clinic requests a $499 * booking charge for your appointment which acts as a DEPOSIT and goes towards CREDIT towards your transformational body treatments discussed during your consultation.

How to get it:  Call Simon Land on 0400 400 197 to arrange a private time to suit you both.

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