Fat Injection (LipoStructures)

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Fat Injection (LipoStructures)

As we age, our faces change shape. The typical youthful appearance of fullness in the upper and middle thirds of the face with a narrower, defined lower third gives way to an upper and middle third of the face depleted of soft tissue and fat and a lower third that loses its definition with sagging and the appearance of jowls, the hallmarks of ageing. As the support underlying the skin further disappears, the skin falls into wrinkles and folds. As the cheek becomes smaller, bags under the eyes become more prominent. As the jaw line and chin further lose their prominence, the jowls enlarge and as the youthful fullness of the brow and upper eyelid dissipates, an empty sack of skin is left behind. All these changes can leave a person with a shrunken, almost skeletal appearance.

Since shrinkage of the subcutaneous tissues is the primary manifestation of aging, replacement of the atrophied tissue by restoring volume is an obvious method of rejuvenation. Diffusely augmenting the structure of the forehead, cheeks, mouth, chin and jaw line restores the fullness of youth. With fat injections, the patient’s own fat is used to alter the structure of the face, correcting asymmetry and restoring the fullness of youth, naturally and subtly. The advantages of fat are that it is taken from the patient’s own fat stores on the thighs or abdomen and its long lasting effects.


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