Chin up – Fat Dissolving Injections Special

End the struggle with the double chin! Fat-dissolving injection is a cutting-edge, evidence-based and permanent procedure that achieves results that are on par with liposuction, without the added costs of hospital and anaesthetist and the risks associated with surgery. 



A lot of men and women struggle with a double chin. Even if you’re relatively fit and healthy, fat tends to collect in this area. This can leave you feeling self-conscious and completely change the shape of your face. 

According to recent research, 66% of women find double chin to be the top concern in the facial area – and this is understandable. After all, your face is probably the first thing that other people see, and a double chin is an unsightly addition to that first impression. For a long time, the only treatment option for a double chin was surgery. However, this has all changed because of recent medical advances. 

There are now non-surgical treatments which will help eliminate a double chin and one of the most effective is a fat dissolving injection called Belkyra. This is very similar to anti-wrinkle injections, where small injections are made into the affected area. The injections use deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring acid in the body that digests fat. When it’s injected into a double chin it literally dissolves the fat cells and results in the area becoming tighter and smaller. 

This treatment takes about 20 minutes to complete and the mild pain of the injections can be eliminated with some basic pain treatments. The injections do cause some bruising in the immediate area, but this usually subsides in a few days. The treatment takes about 4-6 weeks to work and you will probably need more than one treatment before you notice any visible effects. However, most patients report an obvious shrinking and tightening of the chin area after just 2 treatments.

Fat-dissolving injections is a fantastic treatment, with remarkable results! It is a cutting-edge procedure that has only been made available in Australia last year. The beauty of fat-dissolving injections is that, unlikely other cosmetic injections such as anti-wrinkle injections, the results are permanent. So, patients don’t have to come on a regular basis for top ups as they do with other cosmetic injections.

This permanent fat dissolving treatment achieves results that are on par with liposuction, without the added costs of hospital and anaesthetist, and the risks associated with surgery.

So if you feel self-conscious because of a double chin, there are now several options open to you. Talk to our doctors and nurses at Taylor Clinic to find out which is right for you.  


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Terms & Conditions: Special offer valid until 31st October 2018. Not redeemable for cash. Valid for cosmetic treatments only. Fat dissolving injection treatment requires a minimum of two sessions, as per treatment protocol ($999 per session). Treatment pre-payment required at booking.

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