Skin Checks

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Living in a beach loving country, it’s important to get your skin checked regularly. While sunbathing on our prestige beaches is a favourite pastime, it leaves many of us at risk of developing skin cancer.

Regular skin checks are key to early detection.

Our skin checks involve comprehensive investigation of any marks, moles, or discoloration of the skin. Our skin specialists will be able to determine if a lesion is harmless or if further investigation is warranted.

When diagnosed and treated early, most skin cancers can be cured. The key is getting to know your own skin. By learning what’s normal for you, you’ll notice any new or changing moles, freckles and spots.

In addition to at home inspections, we complete thorough skin checks every 12 months for our patients.

If you think you’ve got a suspicious spot, book in a consultation with us today.

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