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Time Mon-Fri 8:30-17:00, Sat By Appointment
Staff Jean-Charles Neveu-Collins, Jhoanne Plan, Allie Moss

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The Resurfacing Peel Gels (Glyclolic Acid Peels) have highly concentrated forms of glycolic acid (fruit acid) that can greatly assist in accelerating the results achieved with our Bioglycolic Home Care products without the patient experiencing significant erythema or a recovery period. Resurfacing Peels offer benefits for aged and photo damaged skin, acne, hyperpigmentation and scar reduction. These procedures especially appeal to the patient who wants to measurably improve the appearance of their skin and fine lines reduction.

These treatment can also be combined with proteolytic enzymes treatments. The benefits of having both glycolic acid and proteolytic enzymes treatments is to provide an excellent resurfacing and exfoliating treatment. It is particularly recommended for sun damaged skin types and pigmentation although all skin types except very sensitive will benefit from these treatments. It is also a good option for clients who want the benefits of a peel, with the relaxation and luxury of a full facial with massage.

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