Get Noticed This Spring Carnival: 3 Cosmetic Secrets That Will Update Your Look Instantly!

In the cosmetic industry, a minor tweak is like a wardrobe update. It’s amazing how such simple and subtle updates can refresh your look instantly!

Sultry lips or banging cheeks or the perfect skin shimmer from a pico-facial is the easiest way to dial-up your race-look in minutes with the latest cosmetic trends that will instantly refresh your look.

For those wanting to get noticed, then try these transforming tweaks (just in time for Spring Carnival).

1. Get the glow

Glowing skin is always in. Create the perfect base to keep you fresh-faced and light. Pico laser is the to-go treatment for the perfect complexion with minimal downtime and discomfort.

Take advantage of our Pico spring special: full face treatment $380 (normally $650).


2. Flirtatious lips

Full, plump lips are an attractive and youthful feature. Everyone is slightly different, and we may not all have what we consider to be the perfect pout.

This seasons trending cosmetic trick a subtle lip augmentation promises a devilish pout that gets everyone’s attention – but keeping facial harmony and a natural look – which is our Taylor Clinic signature style.


3. Raising brows

Make the ultimate statement with bold exaggerated brows, perfect for spring racing season. There is nothing more alluring than framed eyes with youthful modern brows that defy age. To get this look, Taylor Clinic cosmetic experts precisely apply anti anti wrinkle injections to the outermost fibres of orbicularis oculi, which causes relaxation and subsequently the outer third of the brow to rise gently.




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