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Why ‘TAYLOR MAN’ might give you the edge?

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Perhaps this is the evidence men are looking for if they are considering anti-wrinkle injections for the first time. New research shows that we perceive character traits like trustworthiness based on a person’s facial expressions. Enhancing positive facial expressions could be what gets your next sale over the line.

Putting on your happy face can sometimes be difficult but your facial expressions make all the difference to how the world sees you. A newly published series of experiments by cognitive neuroscientists at New York University is reinforcing the relevance of facial expressions to perceptions of characteristics such as trustworthiness and friendliness.  Altering your facial expressions by use of botulism toxin with anti-wrinkle injections is an option to enhance your facial expression. Dr Suzie Bekir at the Taylor Clinic says that anti-wrinkle injections can reduce frown lines and wrinkles and make one appear less grumpy or angry. “Men are now presenting more and more at our Clinic, especially professionals, they realise that looking good is not only for themselves and their partners but they want to be presentable in the workplace. Its not that they come in wanting to look younger, but more that they are tired of being told they look angry, tired or annoyed.”

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The recently published study showed that we can alter our facial features in ways that make us look more trustworthy. A face resembling a happy expression, with upturned eyebrows and upward curving mouth, is likely to be seen as trustworthy while one resembling an angry expression, with downturned eyebrows, is likely to be seen as untrustworthy. However, competence judgments are based on facial structure, a trait that cannot be altered with anti-wrinkle injection, those with wider faces were seen as more competent.

Previous studies also have shown the effect of facial cues on how we perceive and interact with others but this new work reveals how perceptions of the same person can vary greatly depending on that person’s facial expression in any given moment. This variability “has implications for both the people presenting themselves and the perceivers in social interactions,” says Jonathan Freeman, a social neuroscientist at New York University and senior author of the study.

Every time you want to win someone’s trust, perhaps you need to consider that your face and its expression can simply do all the talking. So next time your looking at your competitors and watching the other guy in the job interview who has a happy face, just think, he is probably under the influence of ‘TAYLOR MAN’.

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