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Life’s full of experiences, expressions, and memories. Let the words you share over a glass of wine tell the stories, not the lines on your face. Erase them from view without changing the experience.

Traditional facelift techniques are excellent at addressing the lower third of the face and neck, however some people find that their faces age in a different pattern and the middle third of the face ages prematurely. This causes the cheeks to sag and deepens the nasolabial grooves (the groove between the nose and the cheek).

The mid-face begins at the apex of your cheekbone to where your cheek meets the nose and moves down towards the indentation lines on either side of the mouth that extend from the edge of the nose to the mouth’s outer corners.

The mid-facelift is a surgical technique that is directed towards the middle third of the face and is an excellent procedure for patients whose main problem area is the mid-face region or as an adjunctive procedure to a facelift for an overall facial rejuvenation.

A consultation with our expert facial surgeon will help to determine if this is the correct option for you.


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