Removal of benign skin lesions (moles, etc)

We can’t all rock a beauty spot like Cindy Crawford.

Moles are really common and nearly everyone has a few somewhere on their body. Most of them won’t cause you any trouble. Some are with you from birth, but they can also develop later in life due to sun exposure, genetics and some immunosuppressive medications.

Although it’s perfectly healthy to let benign moles be, some can be removed.

Moles are removed for a few reasons. Sometimes, although they’re well hidden, they can show up in a place that can get irritated by clothing, like a bra strap. Sometimes they’re super visible.

If you have facial moles and your confidence is taking a hit, Taylor Clinic can help.

Laser or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment is great for removing moles that are small, pigmented and flat.

This technique flattens the raised portion of the mole before removing it entirely. Without a need for cutting and stitching, moles can be removed during a walk-in, walk-out procedure.

Your skin might take a few days to recover, but this treatment will remove your mole without scarring the skin, leaving you with smooth, even skin.

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