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It’s A Womankind of Thing!

It’s March 2018 and we’re celebrating WOMEN at Taylor Clinic!

While Gender equality has come a long way, it’s still important that women #pressforprogress especially when it comes to women’s health matters.

Our call-to-action for women is to press forward and progress local women’s health. To do this we want to draw attention to our 3 Womankind Health Campaigns:

2018 Year of the Smear – Have you had a HPV Test? Are You Positive? Here’s Why You Should Know And How You Can Find Out (AT NO COST) Today!

pap smear sydney

Sadly many women are unaware of the new Pap Smear guidelines? Are you HPV +?  it’s never been a more important time than now to encourage Pap Smear or Cervical Screening Tests for women.

To help increase local women’s awareness of the new changes to Cervical Screening our Doctors will be offering bulk billed women’s pap smear checks for 2018.


pap test


Year of Skin Devotion

skin cancer checks

Attention Redheads, Fair Skin or 45+? Should You Be Getting Your Skin Checked Annually?!

With skin cancers accounting for around 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers in Australia every year, it’s time we all start taking skin checks seriously. Over half of over 40-year-olds have Sun Damaged Skin, so maybe this is your year to devote time to your skin.



YOUR Year of #sexfactor!

mona lisa price

There should be no shame in sex. As part of gender equality, women not enjoying sex should know about treatments like this that can help. So, ladies, there’s never been a better time than Right Now to get your sex-drive out of neutral and get motivated for sex than with a Mona Lisa Touch Treatment.

For those who have No Idea what a Mona Lisa Touch Laser treatment does or even is, then definitely read ahead for a little surprise 😍




PS.  As part of International Women’s Day we want to ensure No Woman Is Left Behind our BELLA VISTA Taylor Clinic Female Doctors are offering:

✔ *NO OUT OF POCKET CHARGE with Medicare card.

So GO AHEAD and do something positive for YOUR health and BOOK NOW 1300 003 223.
PPS. This health information is Best Shared with Friends! So go on, SHARE!

*Bulk Billed for Medicare cardholders. 

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