Are You Sex-Fit? Unleash Your #Sexfactor… In Just 8 Minutes 🤭

Ladies, there’s never been a better time than Right Now to get your sex-drive out of neutral and get motivated for sex than with a Mona Lisa Touch Treatment.

For those who have No Idea what a Mona Lisa Touch Laser treatment does or even is, then definitely read ahead for a little surprise 😍

In brief, this laser helps plump up the vaginal lining (which naturally dries with hormonal changes and age) giving women a plusher sexual experience.

You can see from these pictures vaginal cells resuscitated by the power of light medicine 🙌 AND it’s a non-drug option ✔ Giving you back a younger vagina ☺ AND basically making sex more enjoyable again, for everyone.😍


👋 Hi, I’m Dr Suzie.

Let me introduce myself. I’m a Sydney based General Practitioner with a Cosmetic/Skin/laser background and trained in Women’s Health and trained in Mona Lisa Touch (as are my amazing colleagues here who also perform this treatment at Taylor Clinic).

For those curious I’ve published How This 8 Minute Treatment is Making Sex More Enjoyable Again here, outlining today’s evidence for why this laser treatment is giving women their sexy back.

But in a nutshell, the one most consistent THEME amongst these studies was that these women were having more enjoyable sex after treatments.

So HEY 👋 who isn’t interested to hear more?

In one of those studies, 77 post-menopausal women undergoing intra-vagina laser treatment, sexual satisfaction scores clearly improved. Using Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) and visual analogue scales women described a definite increase in overall satisfaction (p<0.001). In fact, 85% of women reported they had regained a normal sexual life.
Seriously wow! That’s a lot of women no longer avoiding sex.

Or said differently, that’s definitely MORE sex!

I’ve been doing Mona Lisa Treatments since 2015, when it was first released!

I still think it’s THE game-changer laser for women and agree with late Sam de Brito, SMH columnist that now “Your ‘last shaggable day’ need never arrive”.

Now, that’s gender equality.

For those interested, I charge $2490 for 3 Mona Lisa Touch Laser Treatments.
Which is essentially a Treatment Course; recommended to treat atrophic vaginitis, stress incontinence and vaginal laxity.

At your appointment, you can expect a consultation and examination before making my recommendation, then you can choose whether or not to have the treatment on the day or later.

Remember, the treatment only takes 8 minutes! 🎉

And did I mention, it’s painless – just feels like a vibrator, really!☺

For those wanting ‘more endurance’ without necessarily having a Medical Indication for Mona Lisa


just want a Labial Tidy-Up to improve symmetry, shape or colour – then 1 treatment may be enough! In which case, it’s $980.

Curious Pussy Cats you can read more here.

Or better still, let’s talk in-person.

You can Book an Appointment by calling 1300 003 223 or email info@taylorclinic.com.au

Ps. Thursday’s are the best day at Taylor Clinic, Bella Vista for Women’s Health.
You’ll have more choice of female Doctors- Dr Avril, Dr Su-yin or me are all there on Thursdays. ❤👇

➕ We’re doing our bit at Taylor Clinic for Women’s Health Day by offering bulk bill women’s health checks to increase awareness of the 🆕 PAP SMEAR GUIDELINE CHANGES.

Are you HPV➕? If you don’t know, I suggest you read more here.

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