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It’s inevitable that as we age, we naturally begin to lose facial volume as a result of reduced collagen and elastin. This can lead to the development of wrinkles and folds in our skin. Here at The Taylor Clinic, we offer a number of non-invasive, non-surgical treatment options to rejuvenate your facial features for a natural, healthy look. Our liquid based face lift procedures are offered within Sydney, Double Bay, Baulkham Hills and aim to give you a youthful look, whilst maintaining an overall natural appearance.

The 8-point approach to our liquid face lift

The 8-point approach is about helping you understand the first signs of volume loss that occur at 8 distinct areas of the face. This is to help educate you about our procedures so you can feel confident that you’ll be in competent and professional hands.

Dermal fillers, including those made from naturally occurring sugars, replace volume at these key points to add volume to feminine curves or restore masculine architecture to the face. This process allows us to lift or contour certain aspects of your facial features, including your eyes, cheeks, corners of the mouth and temples. As a result, we are able to fill out lines or folds present on different areas of your face and provide you with a more vibrant and rested look.

Our range of services for Sydney clients

We are dedicated to offering innovative liquid facial sculpting solutions to help improve our clients’ confidence and body image. If you were interested in learning more about our lip augmentation or cosmetic gynaecology, please click on the provided links for more information. All of our services strive to provide a safe and pleasant environment for our patience whilst maintain the upmost respect for their privacy. Whether you require the removal of a tattoo or laser skin resurfacing, we possess the expertise and the extensive knowledge to best meet your goals.

How can we help?

It is our intention to be as informative as possible and give our clients an understanding of how we operate. Please feel free to call us on 8883 5368 anytime to ask our friendly staff any questions you may have about our Sydney facial sculpting procedures, or send us an online message to book an appointment!

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