Vaginal Rejuvenation For Modern Woman

Discomfort down there doesn’t have to control the conversation any longer. Regain control of your sexual health and wellbeing without the need for little blue pills or topical hormone creams. At Taylor Clinic, our female-led doctors offer a non-surgical, non-hormonal alternative, giving you relief from physical symptoms of Vaginal Atrophy.

Vulvo-vaginal atrophy affects around half of all women during and after menopause. It’s also seen in younger women who have spent significant time on hormonal birth control, have had perineal repair after childbirth or are currently breastfeeding, as well as breast cancer patients taking anti-oestrogen medications.

Low oestrogen production results in fragile vaginal mucosa, inadequate ground matrix structure and poor connective tissue hydration, resulting in dryness, painful intercourse, frequent urination and vaginal laxity.

But there’s a new non-surgical approaching to combat discomfort and it comes with a lot of perks, including:

  • No General Anaesthetic
  • No down time
  • 15 minute procedure in Clinic
  • Safe, Non-invasive laser treatment
  • Performed by medical and surgical doctors

Introducing The Mona Lisa Touch Laser Treatment

Using female-intimate lasers, the Mona Lisa Vaginal Rejuvenation procedure allows women to regain control of their sexual health and wellbeing.

The Mona Lisa Touch uses a new laser system specifically designed for the vagina and vaginal wall. The laser stimulates the metabolic activation of the cell wall and the production of collagen, which encourages the natural turnover of the cells to return youthful functionality and firmness.

Over 90% of patients report significant improvement after just three treatments. Patients also report their quality of life is considerably improved as a direct result of receiving treatment.

Vaginal rejuvenation is FDA approved and improving women’s health by leaps and bounds. As a result, a growing collection of peer-reviewed scientific papers continue to surface with positive reports, further proving the use of lasers as an effective tool in improving vaginal health.

What can this laser do for your sexual health?

  • Tighten the vagina and vaginal vestibule and improve vaginal laxity
  • Provide treatment for atrophic vaginitis and improve sexual function
  • Enhance the appearance of pigmented vulva
  • Normalise vaginal discharge
  • Improve stress urinary incontinence or weak bladder
  • Reduce vaginal burning sensation and/or itching
  • Improve painful sexual intercourse, dyspareunia
  • Non-surgical labiaplasty

Instead of wishing and waiting for symptoms to improve on their own, women worldwide are experiencing real results by receiving this revolutionary treatment. No longer suffering in silence, women are leaning into their sexual wellbeing with pleasure, not pain.

Led by our female physicians, the Mona Lisa treatment is performed by females for females, making the entire experience as comfortable as possible.

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