Want to know Taylor Clinic’s Best Tips to Keeping Fresh Faced in 2016?

We wanted you to get to know some of our new faces. Taylor Clinic is growing and to introduce our new faces we asked this years new injectors and  experts a Get to Know You better question.

We asked “ What is your best tip to keeping fresh faced in 2016?” and here are their  answers


Dr Nada Rohde, Cosmetic physician.

My best tip is to take good care of your skin, it is the external  sign of the inner you !

Eat fresh and organic.

Enjoy regular exercise.

Sleep well.

Be mindful every day .


Sue  Bourke, RN, Cosmetic Injector

My best tip to keeping fresh faced is to encourage clients to rebook in advance for say every 4 months to maintain fabulous refreshed and rejuvenated anti-wrinkle injection look. Don’t let time lapse.


Maryanne Anderson, RN, Cosmetic Injector

My best tip for 2016 is to be adventurous.Try something new, jump in and be amazed at what lies ahead.  We will all age but how exciting to know that there are so many options available to us to slow it down and enhance our most valuable asset… ourselves.


Simon Land, CoolSculpting expert.

My tip – Minimum 2 L of water a day, vitamin C serum daily which brightens and firms skin and daily use of sunscreen to prevent wrinkles.


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