Want to know how easy it is to lift your jowls in 2016?


Ever wanted to defy gravity and lift those jowls from the ground? Well in 2016, we can.


Ultherapy is the HOTTEST non surgical lower face lift in 2016?  Taylor Clinic

An Ultherapy ultrasonic face lift can give you a non surgical lower face lift for just $999.

Ultherapy is a non -surgical procedure which stimulates the body’s own natural healing response to  lift the chin, neck and face and smooth wrinkles.  Ultherapy is TGA approved and uses ultrasound energy to help lift and tighten skin.

“Surely there has got to be a catch” you may be thinking, “why such a great deal?”

Our answer. Because we can.

Come in and talk to us about the procedure. Ask for Alllie. 🙂

Call 1300 00 FACE.

Double Bay. Wollongong. Bella Vista

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