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Cool Sculpting Sydney Treatment

While liposuction or lap-band surgeries can be effective to lose weight, they’re major procedures to undertake. Weight loss leads to a more confident you, and if you’re looking to reduce your size without going under the knife, the Taylor Clinic in Sydney is here to provide you with a fat reduction treatment. This is the revolutionary technology that incorporates fat freezing to blast unwanted fat, that is resistant to diet and exercise. One of the biggest advantages of not opting for surgery is that there’s no downtime, so you don’t need to worry about missed work days or unfinished to-do lists!

How does it all work?

Like all other revolutionary pieces of technology, it all started with an idea; cold temperatures have the ability to selectively eliminate fat. Using this idea, a team of scientists located within the Wellman Centre for Photomedicine, based at the Massachusetts General Hospital in the USA, worked on the process that has been developed into this amazing technology.

This process entails a safe way of delivering precision cooling to the body that targets fat cells which lie underneath your skin which is crystallised. Once this happens, they die, and eventually your body will eliminate the cells naturally.

An experienced team of professionals specialising in fat reduction treatment in Sydney

The qualified team at Taylor Clinic has been trained in the techniques required to ensure you achieve the best possible results and will provide a friendly environment for you to feel 100% comfortable in while receiving the treatment. You can feel confident with the knowledge that this has been cleared by the FDA, is non-surgical and offers an effective and safe fat reduction procedure.

Here to offer Cool Body Sculpting plus many other cosmetic treatments

We are here to provide Sydney with a huge range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures including lip augmentation for those looking for fuller, poutier lips as well as a liquid lift for facial sculpting among many others. So if you’re searching for Coolsculpting near me, or just interested in waving goodbye to stubborn fat by freezing it away or any of our other options, book now by calling 1300 00 FACE or by sending us an online query.

Chat with our friendly team to find out more information at our clinic in Bella Vista. We are 100% transparent in our pricing and are happy to provide an obligation-free quote.

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