Maryanne Anderson

B.N. R.N.
anti wrinkle treatment
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Maryanne commenced her nursing career back in 1978 in the North Shore Public Hospital. Maryanne has now over 30 years of nursing experience, where she started in the hospital system, working as a midwife. For the last 15 years she has been working as a cosmetic nurse injector and laser therapist, where her passion lies.

Maryanne has extensive training and experience in laser safety and laser technology. She has worked for over 9 years in large laser medical companies, which have given her an in-depth knowledge of the types of lasers to be used. This enables correct prescriptive treatments required, giving clients optimum results.

Maryanne’s calming demeanour and gentle approach, makes you feel comfortable and reassured throughout your treatment.

Our patients are very impressed by Maryanne’s professionalism and expertise, in addition to her very warm personality. She is very caring and thoughtful administering treatments and does so very conscientiously.

Maryanne’s extensive knowledge and expertise around the broad range of services offered by Taylor Clinic give her a lot of confidence to advice and treat our patients. In addition, Maryanne’s unique blend of personal warmth and aesthetic eye makes her a well-balanced and technical injector.

Maryanne specialises in the treatment of;

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