Wollongong residents can now fat freeze their Christmas bulge

Thousands of Australians are fat freezing stubborn fat bulges and now Wollongong residents will have the opportunity to join the new fat freezing revolution.

You  might want to freeze your gym membership when you find out that a one hour treatment could blast away your love handles, spare tyres, fatty thighs, muffin tops and tuck shop arms and the double chin.

Both Men and women are taking up the procedure which is fast becoming the most popular treatment seen in cosmetic clinics to date. “We have patients who are hooking up to machines in their lunch break” says   Dr Suzie Bekir, from the Taylor Clinic.  While reading a book or watching TV, the CoolSculpting treatment  is applied and is permanently freezing unwanted fat cells, without anaesthetic or medication. “I personally have tried it, and I am very impressed by the effectiveness of the treatment. There are no incisions or scars and you can get a 25% reduction of fat in the treatment site and it is permanent.”

Cryolipolysis is non invasive and safe and as such these treatments are making a huge impact on the cosmetic industry. With people now opting to purchase multiple cycles instead of considering liposuction. Although Doctors warn that this procedure is not a weight loss machine and should never replace healthy eating  and regular exercise, it is  the perfect sculpting procedure to get you looking fabulour with no fear of mirrors.

“Men are getting their love handles,  man boobs treated and women tend to want their muffin tops, stomachs, thighs and arms treated” says Simon Land, CoolSculpting consultant for  Taylor Clinic, “Athough with the new CoolSculpting Mini piece, the most sought after area is the double chin, bulging bras fat and knobbly knees .  I think Its pretty amazing that for under $1000 people now can remove an unsightly double chin in 1 hour permanently without seeing a plastic surgeon.”


Taylor Clinic is offering a  Fly in and Fly out Service with CoolSculpting on  10th February and March 9th 2016 in their Wollongong Clinic to save residents from driving up to Sydney. The Clinic Doctors perform Coolsculpting, Picosure tattoo removal, anti-wrinkle injections and Dermal filler.

“If you can pinch it, we can freeze it” is the  CoolSculpting mantra. For a complimentary 360 degree  body assessment please call 1300 00 3223 for your appointment.

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