Taylor Clinics “Fly in, Fly out” first class service lands in Wollongong

Sick of travelling to Sydney to get the best in aesthetic services? Well Taylor Clinic can now come to you as part of our first class “Fly in Fly Out” service.

Taylor Clinic is Sydney’s most prestigious cosmetic clinic with our premier office located in Double Bay as well as Bella Vista led by Dr Tobias Pincock, facial plastic surgeon and Dr Suzie Bekir, cosmetic physician.

We have now Launched our regional service as part of our Strategic Partnership program.

In this service, we are able to commit to bringing with us a team of cosmetic registered nurses, cosmetic doctors and aestheticians to you for a day to offer unique services.

Our First Class Fly in,Fly out service can provide:
• CoolSculpting™ procedure.
Cryolipolysis is Australia’s most sought after cosmetic procedure for patients presently. It’s a safe, non invasive 1 hour procedure that permanently removes 20% fat
• ultherapy™ treatment
Which is the worlds most advanced ultrasonic non surgical lift for face and body
• mona lisa touch laser™ treatments
non surgical fractional ablative treatment for the vagina for atrophic vaginitis
• Anti-wrinkle injections
• Dermal filler injections
• Fractionated laser treatments to face and body including the worlds most sought after PicoSure focus face treatments and PicoSure tattoo removal.
• Consultations about cosmetic surgical procedures offered in Sydney such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, vaginoplasty etc

The process is simple.
1. Call 1300 00 3223
2. Book your event day in your regional clinic and Enjoy the luxury of the best coming straight to you!

Wollongong dates:
February 10 2016
March 9 2016
Make your appointment now so you don’t miss out as first class seats are limited 😉Fly in fly out service starts with wollongong

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