SUN SPOTS….check, suspect and protect.

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In the Australian sun, skin damage is inevitable, however largely preventable.
Anyone can have a sun spot but they are especially common in fair skinned people, those aged over 40, on people who have spent time in tanning beds or long periods of time outdoors.

Sun spots, also known as solar keratosis, result from damage that occurs after long term sun exposure to the skin. They develop in an area of sun damaged skin and may not be visible until many years or even decades later when they appear as spots on the skin surface. Sun spots may develop into non melanoma skin cancers if not adequately treated.

According the Dr Suzie Bekir at the Taylor Clinic

“It’s important to treat both the visible and the invisible sun spots under the skin. Treatments of a spot or spot therapy can be done by cryotherapy or freezing, but field treatment or treating both the invisible and visible spots can be done with prescription creams or gels after a formal medical examination”.

Discuss your skin concerns with your doctor.

Taylor Clinic offers skin checks with our doctors. Please make an appointment on 1300 003 223 or Book Now for a sun examination and skin consultation with our doctors.

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