Why Pico has been nicknamed the “Perfect Lunch Time Laser”

PicoFocus Lens Array has been nicknamed the Perfect Lunch Time Laser and Taylor Clinic explains why this is the worlds most advanced laser  giving out patients minimal down time and maximum results.

pico lunch time laser

lunch time laser

Tried fractionated laser but didn’t like looking red faced and sun burnt for days? Hated the tiger stripes and rough scaly feeling as your skin changed over the week? Well, like all technology, a newer one will come along and make the previous ones obsolete.

With PicoSure Focus lens Array we are seeing results that surpass previous fractionated lasers. “Bye Bye Fraxel and hello Pico” says flamboyant #NurseToby1 at Taylor Clinic, Double Bay. “Picosure focus is the perfect lunch time laser. And unlike other lasers, it works even better on darker skin. Most people have just a few hours of a red face which makes it the shortest downtime ever for a laser treatment.”

Most photo-rejevuenating IPL lasers have increased side effects with darker skin types, and tanned skin because skin with more melanin has increased risks of hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. However, with PicoSure Focus Lens Array, the new histological evidence shows that the more

pico focus

Minimum down time! Most people will have minimal redness which resolves in a few hours.

melanin in your skin, the more “Laser Induced Optical Breakdowns” are formed. With more LIOBs in the dermis the more collagen and elastin deposition, meaning more youthful looking skin. The pressure wave technology of PicoSure means minimum downtime.


So not only is this the laser that defies dark skin, it works better.


Appointment confirmed – 1pm Monday Lunch – Pico Laser – Taylor Clinic, Double Bay   


PicoFocus Lens Array is perfect for photo-rejevunation, acne scarring, pigmentation and melasma, fine lines and wrinkles and is available at the Taylor Clinic.

Take a Peek at some PICO results.


Suitable for fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, sun spots and pigmentation


Pico is superior for removing sun spots and pigmentation.



Contact us  on 1300 00 FACE or here for more details or visit our team at Bella Vista, Double Bay or Wollongong.




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