Male, Single, over 40 and need to get sexy?

3 Simple Steps : Men, Look your best before hitting the Singles Scene

It is not uncommon these days to note the newly divorced or separated male is a one of the large new demographics hitting up non surgical cosmetic clinics. When rebuilding confidence to date again, men are finding a few low-key treatments, go a long way to freshening up appearance.

“We aim to give men a natural and masculine look” says Toby Harnett, Double Bays senior Cosmetic Registered Nurse.

Dr Suzie Bekir from the Taylor Clinic says it’s a good opportunity in face planning consultations to review men’s skin for sun damage and do a thorough skin check looking for skin cancers at any chance.

Newly Single? 

These treatments are great confidence boosters. They give rapid results and have minimal recovery time.

Taylor Clinic, Top 3 Male Boosting Treatments are; 

  1. Anti Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle Injections when given appropriately are by far the most impressive way men can take years off their face. Every Bro-tox virgin will say the same thing “please done let me look like that wide eyed bewildered celeb”. Well, that look is so 5 years ago anyhow.  Men are using this treatment in a very subtle way to give a refreshed and more youthful look to the face.

  1. PicoSure Focus Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

The secret to the fractionated laser is you want the best one on the market. Pico Focus lens Array improves texture of the skin, evening out the skin tone by reducing skin pigmentation particularly sun damage, boosting collagen and reducing fine wrinkles.  PicoSure Focus Laser is the hit list treatment everyone needs.


  1. Max G Vascular laser

Men with broken blood vessels or rosacea flushing and redness respond instaneously with this laser. It’s brilliant and makes you look less like you  a beer drinking larrikin and more like a refined man. It’s a male necessity. This laser also works well for pigmentation of the skin.

Getting your sexy back on has never been so easy.

Taylor Clinic in Double Bay and Bella Vista are available to taylor your treatment to your skin needs. For your consultation and Face Plan please call 1300 003 223 or Book Now

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