‘Less is more’ is fooling everyone in Cosmetic Medicine

Want the ‘fresh faced look’? However, scared about looking frozen?

The secret to looking amazing is exactly what your mother told you, ‘less is more”.  The most common fear for B-Tox virgins is that they are petrified they will look wide-eyed and frozen. “That look is so 10 years ago” says Nurse Toby, head injector at Taylor Clinic Double Bay “ everyone is still getting it done baby, the trick is, you just can’t tell.”

Taylor Clinic exposes how the Face Planning approach has changed everything.

According to the Taylor Clinic, it’s all about the approach. Taylor clinic, Double Bay exposes how using the Complete Face approach and Face Planning gives men and women the right approach to looking good, without anyone even knowing. By using multiple non surgical modalities such as lasers, peels,  dermal filler, ultrasonic lifts, skin conditioning, dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections patients can have the right option given for them with less reliance on just one tool.

Once upon a time cosmetic clinics only had a few tools in their tool bag. When you visit a clinic, a sign of a great clinic is what they can offer you. Do they have the wide array of choices. If they only offer microdermabrasion, then that’s all they will offer you. If they only offer you anti-wrinkle injections and filler in the back of a beauty salon, then that’s all they offer you and you might go for too much of one thing. Chose a clinic that knows about everything and gives you the best choice and options for your aesthetic needs.

According to Dr Suzie at the Taylor Clinic, “ When we examine a face we take into consideration patients medical history , medications and what areas they have of concern and give them multiple choices. We act as their curators, guiding them with their needs, budgets and help them prioritise what will work for them in the long run.”

So what’s the best tool in the tool kit, Dr Suzie? 

“ The best one is hard choice but the most undervalued tool at the moment in my opinion  is lasers. I have seen women who use fractionated lasers require less anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.  I have seen ablative lasers particularly around the mouth and eyes mean women need nothing more than just their natural resurface skin to look good.”

By using different aesthetic approaches to complement skin care it can save money in the long run and prevent the need for over reliance on tools like anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, which means, no one can ever tell you have had the work done. Fresh or frozen? Ill take fresh face any day.

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