Tales From the Inside : The Laser for Cougar Confidence

There’s a Laser for ‘ladies’, everyone’s talking about…

Who? Taylor Clinic Insiders, say it’s the women who are

  • newly single
  • women re-partnering
  • hitting the singles scene

Atrophic vaginitis is an uncomfortable condition facing women particularly those in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and can be a significant factor in reducing the comfort of sex.

“Typically, women don’t like to complain about sexual dysfunction in our culture, but sexual function is important at every age.” Says Dr Suzie Bekir, GP and Womens Health specialist. “ Women sometimes  find it hard expressing to their doctor if sex is painful, uncomfortable, stings or is not pleasurable. Women no longer need to feel that uncomfortable sex  is simply just part of growing old.”

The comparison can be made that if we can extend men’s sexual function by years by treating erectile dysfunction, well guess what, fractional ablative lasers have now extended women’s. Women who are now re-partnering and re engaging in new sexual relationships in later years are more acutely aware that their vaginas may need some attention.

So if you want to feel a bit like Demi Moore, perhaps you need to consider how to freshen up more than just your face.

Just as Viagra was the winning ticket for men in the bedroom, fractional ablative lasers for women’s Atrophic Vaginitis is the equivalent.

“Fractional Ablative Lasers for women’s vaginal health is a complete game changer for women seeking help, particularly for Atrophic Vaginitis” Dr Suzie Bekir

Women’s sexual health in  peri- menopause and menopause is often neglected. We focus so much on other symptoms such as hot flushes that we often don’t discuss openly the genital symptoms 40% of post menopausal women have symptoms of atrophic vaginitis yet its generally a taboo subject. To date, doctors haven’t had many tools to assist with urogenital symptoms. Now with fractional ablative lasers, women are now being offered another option and this choice is empowering women. Fractional ablative lasers to the vagina can reduce painful intercourse but potentially also urinary frequency symptoms.

As one Taylor Clinic patient commented after her treatment for atrophic vaginitis, “conditions are mighty fine on the slopes”.

If you wish to discuss vaginal health with our Doctors please contact 1300 00 3223 for a consultation with Dr Oseka Onuma (visiting gynaecologist) or Dr Suzie Bekir  or Book Now Online 

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