“He who laughs first, laughs last” warns Taylor Clinic as the Double Bay OctoPussy arrives in world record style.

Taylor Clinic makes world record first with the quad sculpt, setting the bar for CoolSculpting treatments to now be performed, not just in HALF the time but in a QUARTER of the time with 4 CoolSculpting machines attached to the patient at once.

The decision to Body Sculpt just got even easier.

Forget going back and forth for your CoolScupting treatments week after week for your cycles, Taylor Clinic is now offering exclusively to its patients, the OctoPussy, the ultimate in CoolSculpting indulgences now just got even speedier.

The “Octopussy” is now the secret weapon in the Taylor clinic against all other CoolSculpters in Sydney. “Welcome efficiency and say goodbye to multiple appointments, when the Octopussy is in town,” says Simon Land, expert CoolSculpter. “All jokes aside, things just get a whole lot faster and our patients a whole lot happier when they get the results in half the time.”

The “Octopussy” is currently exclusive to Double Bay Taylor Clinic and is currently being used not only for single whole-body transformations but can donate its precious other half to become the Couples Transformation zone. What’s the Couples Transformation, I can hear you say.? “The Couples Transformation is when couples come in and get their treatments whilst holding hands.” Says Simon. The Couples Transformation has become more popular with couples enjoying the experience of sculpting together.

“ Well you might laugh that Valentines Day was a little COLD, but guess what, no one will laugh when 3 weeks later when you get the total body transformation just by sipping on champagne and sexting each other from the opposite sides of the  Octopussy couch!”

Thanks, Simon.

If you are looking to find who does cool sculpting near me or want to talk Cool Sculpting details, then just call the team on 1300 00 2332.


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