Chin up! The answer to getting “Luck of the Jaw”…

We know that any man can get a famous mandible like Beckham or Pitt. Nothing is off limits when it comes to chin augmentation at the Taylor Clinic.

Men today wish to improve their looks and are embracing invasive and non-invasive options for facial improvement with as much enthusiasm as women. The classic area to enhance male masculinity is the jawline and chin. Whether it be with Chin Implants with our expert Cosmetic Doctors or non surgical chin augmentation with Cosmetic Registered Nurses who use injections of Dermal Fillers, together with Ultrasonic Lifts.

Chin sculpting is popular with males looking to balance the face and harmonise features. 

The “Luck of the Jaw” was a concept coined by Double Bay’s Cosmetic Registered Nurse, Toby Hannett. Nurse Toby claims men who have masculine jaws are luckier in the department of being more sexually attractive and can improve their business and have greater self-confidence.

Big call,  Nurse Toby? Or is it true?

There is certainly research that echoes his view. “A man’s facial structure is a billboard advertising his health, gene quality, and reproductive potential,” says Vinita Mehta, a Washington, D.C., psychotherapist who’s writing a book on how our chromosomes affect relationships. ” Mates react to that—consciously or not—coworkers too. Studies show that’s how dominance is signalled.”

Chin augmentation cost may vary, so if you’re interested in discussing options for your chin, whether it be scalpel and suture with our surgeons or fillers and muscle relaxants or ultrasonic lifts which can give you a hassle-free tweak, please discuss further with Taylor Clinic 1300 003 223 or Book Now

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