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Welcome to Taylor Clinic’s metabolic clinic, a leading medical weight loss clinic and management programme with over 25 years of proven results from the USA and across Europe.


Is the Ideal Protein programme just another fad? 

The Ideal Protein programme protocol has been in existence for around 27 years. It originated in France and was developed by a sports medicine doctor, who created it for the French Olympic Team to help them to lose weight after the offseason.

It spread through Europe, and a company was set up in Canada. From Canada, it moved into North America 10 years ago.

Currently, in North America alone, there are approximately 4,000 clinics that offer the programme, by 30,000 providers. Every day there are more than 150,000 dieters on this programme.

Taylor Clinic is one of the first medical clinics to adopt the Ideal Protein programme in Australia.

Overweight and obesity epidemic

In Australia, we are facing an overweight and obesity epidemic. Approximately 70% of the adult population are overweight and a third of those are obese.

Being overweight and obese are accompanied by health issues such as high blood glucose, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and central obesity.

The fat that exists around our stomachs can be very dangerous. This fat is something that people have struggled with for decades and we’ve reached a point where we have to confront that what we once knew and were doing, has actually contributed to the problem.

The numbers are increasing, not only amongst the adult population but also within the younger generation, the youth today and our children. We are facing an issue now where the next generation is likely going to be the first generation that won’t live as long as the generation before.

Here in Australia, adult women are in some kind of diet, programme, every 18 to 24 months, for rest of their adult life. Ideal protein creates an opportunity for this to be the last diet you will ever be on. The intention is to reset your metabolism.

One of the issues with most diets is that people eat less, which is called a ‘hypocaloric’ diet. Fewer calories + exercise = lose weight, is a simple equation. The problem is, if a patient gains 30 kilogrammes and loses 30 kilogrammes, they are not back at ground zero, because their basal metabolic rate drops and makes it easier to put the weight back on and even harder to take it off again.

The above phenomenon and experience is typical and is what leads a lot of people to a great deal of resignation. The human body was designed to put fat on. Is not designed to take it off. The other issue is, we live in an environment that conditions people to eat the wrong food.

Combining 27 years’ worth of experience and science, the Ideal Protein programme is medically directed to the dieters here in Australia.


The Ideal Protein Programme is structured around four phases to maximise results and accustom your body to the changes.

The four stages are as follows:

  • Phase 1 – Weight Loss

  • Phase 2 – Pre-Stabilisation

  • Phase 3 – Pre-Stabilisation and gradual reintroduction of healthy carbohydrates and fat

  • Phase 4 – Maintenance


The Ideal Protein diet itself is a highly ketogenic diet. It will restrict your carbohydrate intake, but not your protein intake, which is very difficult to do with whole foods. By limiting carbohydrate intake, we promote the body to turn to fat sources for energy. This normal metabolic process is called ketosis.

The Ideal Protein products are very easily absorbed by your body, and they are designed to help preserve and support lean muscle mass and teach you and your body to develop smarter eating habits and lifestyle choices that assist in weight management to maintain your weight loss goals.

What do I eat on the Ideal Protein Programme? 

The Ideal Protein programme is built on a variety of Ideal Protein foods that you will have the choice of day to day. The foods are easy to prepare and are available in a wide range of flavours and forms, including, main courses, desserts, snacks and complete meal replacements.

As a day-to-day example, a regular meal day on Phase 1 includes:

  • 3 Ideal Protein foods

  • 4 cups of select vegetables

  • 1 dinner protein of your choice

  • 2 large salads

Patients mention that there is too much food!

The programme also provides you with a range of supplements to maintain cell integrity during the weight loss process.

The Ideal Protein Programme also includes access to your own personal weight loss coach and a medical support member, to ensure you are meeting your goals and that your health is not compromised during the transition.

Will my body react in other ways, other than weight loss? 

Your body will react in many ways given how much adjustment is going on, including digestion.

Post-menopausal women often experience some water rejuvenation effect, they may experience spotting, but it is a normal part of the process and is temporary.

As the programme focuses on smarter food intake and healing body composition leading to a goal of health and vitality, patients often notice that skin and energy levels will improve, due to the rebalancing of hormones.

Can I exercise on the program? 

Whilst you are in the programme, we actually recommend that you don’t do excessive or moderate exercise for the first 4 to 6 weeks. If you are an exerciser, then we request that you drop the intensity to about a third of what you would normally do. Light activities, such as stretching, moderate yoga and walking are all encouraged. Ensure that the activities you are completing do not leave you out of breath.

The programme works with your body in such a way that, you can be sitting on the couch and burning fat.

Do I really need a coach? 

Change is never easy, and the programme features a lot of structure and health education, so it is encouraged to utilise your health coach and medical support team throughout the programme to help you reach your goal. The team have got your back 100%, and they will guide you through re-training your body and mind. They will support you by checking your health status continually, and also your mental and emotional health until you meet your personal weight loss and weight management goal.


To learn about our Sydney weight loss clinic and the Ideal Protein Diet or to make a booking to see one of our doctors to assess if you are a suitable candidate to join the program, please contact us on 1300 003 223 or email us on

Our team will be able to guide you through your questions and how to get started on the best weight loss program in Australia. Our clinic is located in Bella Vista, in Sydney’s Norwest region of Sydney and is ideally located for those travelling from Baulkham Hills, Seven Hills, Northmead, Castle Hill, Blacktown and any suburbs in the North West region of Sydney.


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