Medically supervised weight loss

Staff Dr Suzan Bekir, Dr Avril Elachi, Dr Kanav Malhotra, Dean Kilby

Trim, toned + full of vitality. That’s what weight loss means to Taylor Clinic. And that’s why Taylor Clinic offers The Ideal Protein programme. A medically directed and evidence-based alternative to permanent weight loss.

Undergo the ultimate body transformation by resetting your metabolism, altering your bio-chemistry and turn your body into a fat burning machine forever.

Gone are the days of fad diets found in magazines. Boasting 27 years’ worth of experience and science, this programme is medically directed and guaranteed to get you results.

Based on the body’s nutritional needs, The Ideal Protein programme is designed to restrict carbohydrate intake but keep protein consumption high, promoting existing fat to be burned and converted into energy. Scientifically proven, this programme encourages the body to shift gears and remain in a natural metabolic process called ketosis for an extended period of time.

Ideal for short term and long term goals, The Ideal Protein programme offers a variety of healthy food options making the nutritional plan fun and easy to follow. Patients are introduced to this new plan in a series of phases.

An example of a Phase 1 meal plan includes:

  • 3 ideal protein foods
  • 4 cups of vegetables
  • 1 dinner protein of your choice
  • 2 large salads

With so many different proteins and vegetables to choose from, our patients never tire of their new meal plan and often mention there’s too much food! That means no restrictions, feelings of hunger, or “diet” characteristics are felt on this programme.

Exercise is not necessary while participating in The Ideal Protein programme and if you’re an avid athlete, you should take it easy for the first 4 to 6 weeks. Never feel guilty for relaxing on the couch and catching up on your favourite shows. The Ideal Protein programme works in a way that allows the body to continue to burn fat even in rest mode.

Making life altering changes is never easy, even if they are for the better. That’s exactly why a certified coach will guide you through the entire process. Your success is our focus. During the programme, a coach will continuously check on your health status, physical, mental, and emotional, until your personal weight loss and weight management goals are met.

Medically directed and evidence-based alternative to permanent weight loss starts with a conversation. Let’s talk about how The Ideal Protein programme can change your life.

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