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Simple Instant Summer Updates Getting Everyone’s Attention

Stop living life in monochrome and find a colourful start to summer with this season’s lip trends!

Summer is all about effortless cool lips. Get inspired by lust-worthy lips, innovative cosmetic techniques and super-chic cosmetic hacks that will give you an upgraded look instantly.

If you’ve never experienced (or want to re-experience) the power of your lips, then now is the time to join-in this season’s big summer hitter and splash out on lips.

Admin it, have you ever been lip magnetised? Drawn in and left with lip envy wondering if they’re real and ‘how could I get lips like that?’. Lips that speak volumes and attract attention are a total beauty amplifier. Even if you weren’t blessed with the power of a Jolie pout or Scarlett Johansson lip fullness, the good news is that lips like this can be naturally-man-made too!

Need A New Summer Look?

Then here’s your cue for a no-fail summer kickstart. We’ve done all the hard work for you and collated this season’s top requests with all the tips and tricks to help for lips that steal the show (and keep people guessing how you were blessed with those lips).

Top 5 Lip Requests

 1. Just Natural, Please

Find out how a “touch of lips” is Sydney’s secret to discreet lip
restoration and rediscovering your lips of times past.

Contrary to popular opinion, not all lip requests are for
Hollywood glamour of Jenner-popping lips. In fact, our most
requested “touch of lip” is
the perfect entry-point espousing subtlety and fine filler
technique. The natural lip look is always in especially for
ladies who want a discreet amount of volume only – a touch
up. You might wonder why some people get away with
cosmetics and not others. Here’s the deal. You can get away
with it. Just stick to lips.

Get the Look: Fine border definition
and naturalising lip pillows.

2. Help! Damage Control

If age, smoking and wrinkles of time have crept into lip lines,
start relaxing those tightly pursed lips and let your lips do all
the talking again,

Sadly, age naturally declines lips. But so does smoking,
drinking and sun exposure; dehydrating and accelerating the
natural ageing process of collagen depletion which controls
the lips volume. The once rose-budding lips of our youth can
often require more patting of moisturisers, glosses and
lipstick to charm when smiling.

For most women maxing their 40’s or onwards, lip
maintenance is about natural restoration of lips; preferring
the volumes of kisses of time past rather than popping lips
begging for attention. Subtle lip refreshers correct lipstick
bleeding and focus on border restoration and rehydrating the
lips than popping pouts.

Get the Look: Border restoration and
hydration filler technique.

 3. Drop my Lip

For those who want a Gummy smile replace with bolder

if you smile and unfortunately all you see is gummy tissue, then the good news is that a “gummy smile” can be easily corrected. Smile, eat and laughs with confidence with this perfect primer for a gorgeous smile and discover the world of upper lip fullness.

Get the Look: Relaxing orbiculares iris muscle with
anti-wrinkle injectables will lower the upper lip.

4. I want Pout

Learn the untold secrets to enhancing cupid bows, upturning smiley lines and lip flicks for the flirtatious lip request.

On the other hand, requesting the Flirtatious pout is always a party season favourite. This season’s trending cosmetic trick is the “lip flick” which promises a devilish pout that gets attetion.

Get the Look: precise injectables above the Cupid’s bow
relaxing orbicularis oris causes a subtle curling of the upper lip
naturally exaggerating your pout. Filler to oral commissures
to create an upturned smile.

 5. Glamour and volume

Lips pushing the limits that get wow-factor start with high definition volume. The request for that high volume perfect pout still scores high in this summer’s insta sex appeal and is what’s on everyone’s lips. This glamour statement is the vanity essential numero uno for those wanting to make a bold lip statement this summer. sport a fuller pout.

Get the Look: volume plus. Plumping pillows and exaggerating natural lip lines.

PS.Ladies, if you want to keep summer-styling simple – Get Magnetic Lips.
Then all you need is your phone, credit card and lip gloss in you back pocket.

So what are you waiting for?

Yes, I Want Lips!

Download Taylor Clinics Summer of Lips for a Tailored Guide to This Seasons Lip Trends detailing how to get the look and our way own before and afters to get you inspired.


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