General Practice

Staff Dr Suzan Bekir, Dr Avril Elachi, Dr Kanav Malhotra

At Taylor Clinic, we know that looking your best starts with feeling your best, that’s why our doctors are here to consult on a rage of medical concerns.  Shine from the inside out. We’re the ultimate resource in women’s health for the modern day woman.  Our promise is to holistically serve every woman’s health need.

Our General Physicians are highly trained specialists who provide a range of health care for our patients. Let Taylor Clinic become your new home of health care and your regular GP. We care for difficult, serious + unusual medical conditions and continue to see you until these problems have resolved or stabilized

We’re here with you for the life of your health.

Through our comprehensive training and commitment to ongoing education, our general physicians are:

  • Highly educated + fully equipped to resolve the full spectrum of health concerns
  • Holistic, scientific, and logical in our approach to expertly diagnosis symptoms
  • Up to date with the latest pharmaceuticals and evidence based when recommending medication to treat an illness
  • Expertly skilled in clinical decision making

With first class medical health care, Taylor Clinic would love to welcome you as a regular patient of one of our highly skilled General Physicians.

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