Why Thread Lifting Could Make Surgical Face lifts a Thing of the Past

With the newest advancements in threadlifts now available, there is undoubtedly more alternatives available for patients seeking face lifting procedures.

A brief history of lifts

I returned to Australia after completing an American Academy Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Fellowship in 2008. I was lucky to be exposed to one of the pioneers of facelift surgery in the United States, Professor Wayne Larrabee.

He had performed almost every type of lift available since the 1980’s and I was privileged to learn from such pioneers in the field.

8 years ago, non-surgical technology for the aging face surgery was in its infancy. The only modalities available at that time were either surgical lifting techniques, which range from superficial skin lifts to deep plane facelifts, as well as quite invasive surgery such as sub-periosteal mid facelifts and coronal brow lifts.

Threads were introduced in the early 2000’s and were hailed as the ultimate alternative to surgical facelifts. At the time, the threads available were permanent nylon threads. Given their permanence, this resulted in many complications including infection, extrusion and snapped threads. Unfortunately their early promise of semi-permanent or permanent lifting without the requirement for general anaesthetic was disappointing.

However, other technologies in the non-surgical lift market became available such as ultrasonic lifting (ultherapy), CoolSculpting (to fat freeze and permanently eliminate double chins), radiofrequency and fractionated lasers to reduce wrinkles and improve collagen production have also continued to develop.

Furthermore, stabilisation of hyaluronic acid fillers was a huge milestone for ageing face and its boom to the mid face has largely replaced the surgical mid facelift entirely.

But there is one aspect of the aging face which has not been addressed well by these non-surgical modalities up until now and that is the jowls. Prior to the new thread lift the only way of truly addressing a heavy jowl was surgical lifting via operation.

How jowls are changing today

In 2016 the vast majority of patients that are presenting with early jowling and medium jowling have had the benefit of non-surgical technologies like ultherapy or laser and therefore the jowling that is present in this age group is not as severe as previous generations.

The ability to lift the jowl without a general anaesthesia or a surgical lift has been readdressed by the reintroduction of threads that are now dissolvable.

The threadlift advantage

The newly available thread lifts have several advantages over the previous threads namely the fact that they are non-permanent and also that they stimulate collagen in the areas that they are placed.

The introduction of these threads (soft silhouette) is an important addition to the armamentarium of any surgeon involved in aging face surgery. As an ageing face surgeon, we must continue to try to find solutions for patient’s desires for modern day lifting. We need adequate lifting techniques, minimal down time and avoidance of invasive surgeries that require significant healing times and risk.


Threading before and after

Threadlifting Before and AfterThe ability to accurately place a dissolvable thread that at the same time stimulates the connective tissue required to reverse the aging process is an exciting addition to the Taylor Clinic’s armamentarium against the aging face and I can now confidently say that we have the ability to offer a truly non-surgical facelift.

By addressing each patients particular areas of necessity, combination of non–surgical therapies such as ultherapy and Lasers can be used to tailor a solution to rejuvenate, lift and address problem areas without the necessity for long expensive, invasive and risky surgery.

Dr Pincock is Clinical Director of Taylor Clinic, and is a highly trained specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery of the face, head and neck practicing in the greater Sydney Area. His training has included facial cosmetic surgery, facial reconstructive surgery, and craniofacial trauma reconstruction. His sub-specialisation in plastic surgery of the face, head and neck allows him to concentrate on delivering the most up-to-date surgical and non-surgical techniques to his patients.

Dr Pincock prides himself on offering non-surgical solutions for his patients to reach their cosmetic goals as well as surgical options. Dr Pincock has a natural aesthetic and believes in a “less is more” approach.

To book a consultation for a thread facelift at our Sydney clinic, please contact 1300 00 FACE – 1300 00 3223. Double Bay, Bella Vista and Wollongong.

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