The Ultimate Lazy Girls Guide To Spring Clean Your Skin… In Just Minutes.

Here are 3 simple shortcuts proven by science to work! No gimmicks here!

Winter can weather skin leaving it dry, dull and congested. For those of you who agree they could do with a spring skin reboot, then read ahead for my 3 fool-proof shortcuts you can use to transform skin back to shiny health using science’s best-kept secrets.

Unfortunately, the burden of being an urban-junkie weighs heavily on your skin. Remember your skin is the largest organ of your body interfacing with the environment every minute of the day and absorbs the damages of your millennial lifestyle, just as much as your liver or gut.

Our skin is notoriously affected by our sugar-loaded, caffeine-fuelled, high alcohol content, chemically-laced skin care. It’s polluted by smoke and fatigued by stress and unsuspectingly irradiated by the sun, even when you’re just sitting in the car!

It’s no surprise that if you are like most women you probably spend endless time and energy in ‘Damage Control’ for your skin.

After a medical degree and over 10 years of work in skin medicine and cosmetics here are 3 best skin bio-hacks perfecting skin – consider it like a spring clean for a whitening shine:

1. Peel it off!

Chemical peel sydney

Chemical peels should never be underestimated in their value to us lazy girls out there! Between you and me, every week I use a super mild superficial lactic acid peel, which takes me a whole 45 seconds to apply to get my “peel shine on” – it certainly beats having to use expensive exfoliants regularly.

I would definitely say chemical peels are skin’s best friend. A chemical exfoliation that literally renews your skin.

Although you can get very light peels like a glycolic or lactic acid you probably will want to get a medium depth peel that reaches your superficial dermis like a Jessner’s peel, for instance, to really remove sun damaged, pigmented cells and truly stimulate the new growth of an epidermis.

Unfortunately, I have seen chemical peels fall slightly out of favor these days because in the wrong hands side-effects taint the experience. They are best performed by dermatologists or in qualified medical clinics where you get a quality chemical peel formulated correctly otherwise you could be wasting your money on a very lovely organic blueberry peel you could do yourself at home.

Chemical peels will naturally cause the skin to peel and shed. This Spring, consider using them “mindfully” as a mini spring-time transformation – letting go of an old habit or way of thinking. The cathartic effect of shedding old skin with fresh new skin can be quite a magical spring time experience 🙂

Jessners peel cost: $170 per treatment.
Down time: 5-7 days before new skin shines.


1.  ‘Gurney it out!’

skin laser treatments sydneyLasers and IPL which uses the power of our light spectrum and light energy are true skin savers.

For those who are lucky to have skin types 1 or 2 (fair skin), you get the extra option of using IPL – a classic for removing pigmentation and freckles and brightening skin. Sadly, more pigment in skin types 3 to 5 means darker skin types are better off using a fractionated laser.

My favourite laser is the Picosure Focus, safe for darker skin (and works brilliantly on Asian skin!) It’s dramatic photomechanical impact on skin blasts pigment away rapidly freshening up the skin and the power advancement of picosecond power creates a vacuole of energy in the dermis drawing in cells that produce collagen and elastin giving its’ anti-wrinkling and tightening effect.

Picosure has only a 1 to 3-hour downtime of face redness making this “lunchtime laser” a girl’s version of a ‘sexy quickie’!

IPL Treatments 

Price: Full face $350/treatment.
Downtime: 3-4 days peel off.


Fractionated laser Treatments 
Price: Fractionated laser $400/treatment, on a 3 treatment pack.
Downtime: 3-4 days peel off.


PicoSure Focus laser Treatments 

Price: Full face $980/treatment
Downtime:1-3 hours, no peel off.

Purchasing in treatment packs of 3 makes prices cheaper.


PicoSure Before and After:

melasma picofocus



1. Flood your skin cells with Nutrients

Vitamin C InfusionsEating well makes a huge difference to skin. Vitamin C has been long been established as natures miracle Vitamin. No one needs reminding that without it scurvy causes poor healing and skin breakdown – it’s vital in collagen synthesis and brightens skin.

Topical and oral administration is commonly used but rapid flooding of cells with IV vitamin C is a quick-cut.

  • IV vitamins zinc  – helps skin turnover,
  • Glutathione and vitamin c – powerful anti-oxidants
  • vitamin b3 (niacin) – helps epidermis stay smooth and not dry.


Vitamin infusions
IV Vitamin C/B/Mg $300
Time : 45 minutes
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About the author:

Dr Suzan Bekir MBBS FRACGP believes in advancing the diagnosis and medical, surgical, and cosmetic treatment of the skin and advocates high standards in clinical practice, education, and supporting and enhancing patient care for a lifetime of healthier skin.

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