Revealed: 2017’s hottest cosmetic industry predictions

Cosmetic medicine has changed in a very short space of time. Think how even in one year Kylie Jenner alone has had lips + cheeks + cosmetic injectable popularised and normalised with her own online Lip Kits (and we haven’t even started on Kim Kardashian’s headlines for her signature lips, last minute waistline coolscupting for her NYE 2016 dress or her hand laser complexion results to outshine her 4million ring).
While arguably promoting indiscriminate cosmetic medicine is poor form, with the tidal wave of interest, it’s necessary that responsible properly trained medical practitioners are always involved in these treatments to identify risks, screen and counsel for body dysmorphic disorder and to perform and manage any complications that arise from these procedures.

So that being said, where is 2017 Celebrity Beauty heading? Here are our predictions:

Hottest celebrity beauty secrets exposed – straight from our very own #TCexperts.
Everyone will notice but no one will know. The rise of the No-Scar-Face Lifts.
No one really talks about this “end of the line” procedure, a Face Lift, reserved for ageing old stars and rich old timers in their 50’s and 60’s. So-what about face-lifts, nothing I need to know about, right? Well then, you definitely need to keep reading this!

While there is a time and place for the old-fashioned-surgical-face-lift used by facial plastic surgeons to cut, pull, lift and tighten wrinkles, their popularity is destined to wane as secret new non-surgical combo’s are (on the quiet) being exposed for their synergistic effect at getting the same results BUT avoiding scar lines and long recovery periods.

Welcome 2017 to the No-Scar-Lunch-Time-Face-Lift, entering quietly into the cosmetic space – but not for long. The real secret is that the oldies are not the only ones getting it done.

2017 PREDICTION 1: The No-Scar-Face-Lift will replace surgical Face Lifts in popularity.

No-Scar-Face-Lifts are individually tailored to your face. With organic thread lifts now lifting drooping eye lids and sagging jowls, fat freezing double chins, powerful ablative lasers resurfacing skin of large pores, age spots and wrinkles starts trending and ultrasound waves tightening skin around the face and crepy décolletage and neck, the real results of antigravity, time reversing non surgical procedures will be alternatively performed in cosmetic doctors offices – with minimum down-time achieving maximum results and affordably.

The secret is out.

Beware the bait and switch which is becoming more and more common. This is where non-surgical treatments are advertised but then the patient is counselled into a more invasive and more expensive treatment.

“More and more Australians are being exposed to the newest non-Surgical techniques through Hollywood, they aren’t having surgical ace lifts, just the power of using the right combination of cosmetic tools which work together achieving the ultimate facelift without undergoing the knife- its about time the global secret is exposed – its about the right cosmetic tools, in the hands of the right doctor and right for that individuals face. Yes, we all age but now we can age with choices.” says Dr Bao, cosmetic Doctor and thread lifting expert.


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Taylor Clinic Threadlifting patient before and after

2017 PREDICTION 2: Thread-lifting will be most popular for those in their 30’s and 40’s.
With Gen Y most familiar with cosmetic medicine, it’s no wonder they have been the first to request threadlifting.

“The beauty of thread lifting is not just the instant pull creating the ultimate anti-gravity lift, but the best comes later as the collagen is stimulated meaning its
effect gets better and better with time. As a preventative for early jowls and early sagging eyes, it gives results. Corporate Lunch time face lifts are the biggest market yet as more and more professionals are looking for the competitive edge for first impressions.”

Find out more about the no-scar face lift here.

Tighter tummies in 1 hour #newnorm

Don’t feel guilty, it’s not cheating, it’s just science.
FACT: Diet and exercise are the cornerstone of weight loss and weight maintenance. CoolSculpting is not a weight loss machine. CoolSculpting does not replace Doctors advice about weight loss with wellness programs, lifestyle changes or weight loss medications.
FACT: CoolSculpting your stubborn fat areas like double chins, bras fats, inner thighs, tummy and waist lines is just benefiting from the Harvard based science of cryolipolysis -fat freezing to sculpt your body which is globally the most popular body sculpting procedure.
Who has done it…..check out the Kardashians.

2017 PREDICTION 3: Body sculpting procedures are just warming up in Australia. It will become part of bridal preparation and complement summer bikini shopping.
But wait there is more scientific advancements in this area to come – so stay tuned!

SNEAK PREVIEW 2018 – What’s on Taylor Clinics Doctor’s desk at the moment:

Our Doctors are all talking about deoxycholic acid injections (yes, for the science buffs out there, this is the lipid dissolving digestive enzyme that is in your stomach, naturally dissolving your french fries. Well, it’s about to start a global cosmetic storm by being pre-loaded into injections for cosmetic doctors to dissolve fat and instantly sculpt your face! I’ll keep you updated when Taylor Clinic gets this in!)

For Taylor Clinic, 2016 was about introducing the CoolSculpting bodysculpting revolution to Australians but now in 2017 is about educating the public about the importance of expertise to achieve your best permanent body sculpt.

Old news = we-all-know-it-works, the science of it is legit and the results speak for themselves….(check out our results here #tcbodyporn, tcpatientresults), but in the hands of the inexperienced sculpter- it can lead to permanent sculpt mistakes. Watch out, no one will advertise those pictures!
If you have missed the basics about CoolSculpting, I suggest you catch up with our articles here. At Taylor Clinic, our ‘CoolSculpters’ have CoolSculpting university qualification and have over 18 months of CoolSculpting experience, that is, since it entered the country!
TC COOL TIP 1: Expect results to get better every day…around week 5, on average.

We all can read the CoolScupting pamphlet that says results start 3-12 weeks after the procedure. So don’t bother even looking in the mirror in the first 2 weeks when your desperate to see your money giving you returns! Please Be Patient. Although you have frozen the fat tissue, there is a biological process whereby the dead cells have to be transported out of the lymphatics and this takes time before you can see the sculpt results.
So best advice….JUST HOLD TIGHT. According to one of our TC CoolSculpting expert: “Most of my patients call me around 5 weeks so excited seeing results and desperate to do more cycles”.
So once you get past the point when you have forgotten about your sculpt, that’s when you will see every week it gets better and better, every day!
TC COOL TIP 2. The MUST KNOW facts before your start that no one tells you
KNOW THIS: Results are variable between people, between sides and vary each time.
FACT – everybody is asymmetrical; just like your feet size are different and why you prefer a certain side for your face profile, your body shares the same fundamental asymmetry. So when it comes to body sculpting – your sculpter is working to perfect your ASYMMETRY and your goals not the corporate bottom line. In fact, their job is doubly hard; expert coolsculpters are also considering YOUR personal body shape, baseline asymmetry, individual skin type, fat type and your skin laxity before advising you on your best approach for a sculpt.

That’s why everyone needs great before and afters and an expert 360 degree body consultation. Coolscultpers then balance your desired result (with their experience with individual hand pieces) and then review your results and then reassess the best way to get symmetry.

This is where experience counts and this is where people underestimate expertise. It is ALL about the Sculpt at THIS point.

“Different CoolScupting hand pieces give differing results for different areas and choosing the right hand piece can make a huge difference. Also there is no way to predict the exact results for each side of your body, sometimes one side will just work better than the other. My best advice is simply to expect you will require a few extra cycles to accommodate for achieving symmetry of results.”

Contouring bodies takes experience, yes, but also patient’s to understand the true nature of the process to avoid frustration. HINT: Buying 10 cycles to treat a few areas means you will get the best value and best experience with CoolSculpting.

TC COOL TIP 3: Zimmer for better results
Yes it’s an extra step needing some extra effort on your part (which is understandably hard to do when you don’t see immediate visible results for a few weeks) but science suggests Zimmer enhances your overall CoolSculpting results.

The Zimmer Zwave is the newest edition to the Coolsculpters tool bag and one worth requesting. Its used immediately after your CoolSculpting treatment but if you can return weekly for 3 weeks for a few extra treatments, you can really maximise your results.

How it works?
FACTS: Firstly immediately after CoolSculpting controlled studies have shown using the Zimmer Zwave can almost double the percentage of fat absorption more than simple traditional hand massage of your frozen butterstick when the suction is removed.

It feels like a very strong 5 minute vibrator treatment for your skin, working by breaking down the frozen fat tissue and increasing blood flow.
+The extra cool advantage is it also helps treat cellulite by creating tiny breaks in the grid molecules under the skin causing gas bubbles around the fat to collapse promoting extra cellulite reduction.
What do our Coolsculpters think? “Definitely, worth the extra investment in time” says our expert, “I am seeing awesome results”.
TC COOL TIP 4. Yes the Nonsurgical Tummy Tuck exists
While mummy-makeovers are raging in plastic surgeons offices, what a surgeon won’t tell you is that you can get a non-surgical tummy tuck, for a fraction of the price, without the long 6 week down time and going under the knife.
While it may not be suitable for all candidates, you should check in with our experts to see if combining strong ablative lasers designed to remove stretch marks and tighten collagen and adding ultrasonic treatments to tightening skin plus adding fat freezing could do the job for you. It is possible – many tummies don’t need surgical tummy tucks – just a different non-surgical approach.


2017 PREDICTION 4: How the $50 Lip Flick is taking over Hollywood.

The Hollywood secret is out, Double Bay’s #Nursetoby1, tells you how you can get this summer’s hottest lip look for just $50!
With lip envy reaching all time highs, it is no wonder Taylor Clinic’s most popular lip styler #Nursetoby1 who popularised our #TClipflick is creating headlines.
Old news – while lip volumising to achieve plumper and fuller lips can be achieved with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, the newest trend is all about Pout!.

“If you want to sex up your lips quickly but don’t have hundreds of dollars for filler, this is the perfect alternative” says #NurseTobby1. Push lips to the limit. “The secret is the precise positioning of anti-wrinkle injections to relax key oral muscle fibres above the lips to strategically flick out the upper lip giving the perfect-pout.”

While dermal filler augments lips, this cheat tip secret means you don’t need to spend thousands on expensive lip filler – for $50 you can sex-up your lips for that wow factor pout.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 1.30.06 PM (1)
2017 PREDICTION 5: Face Slimming – No diet, no surgery. Who is doing it and how you can get it NOW!
Constantly stunned by Before and After shots of our fav starlets faces changing shape over the years? How can this be happening? Surely you remember them with a rounder plumper more fuller face?

We know about their lips and cheeks and nose jobs but how they get that slimmer looking face is not the most-talked about cosmetic procedure.

The secret is out.
While makeup artists have taught us for years about cheek contouring, you can put your blush away now because permanent contouring of the face is in. Advanced trained cosmetic injectors, particularly working those who work with facial plastic surgeons are best at producing this result. While the Asian round faced market have been first to request face slimming, It’s becoming increasingly more common.

“It’s not just about heightening the cheeks with filler anymore, it’s about adding regular anti-wrinkle injections to de-bulk jawline muscles for the flawless V -line chisel “ says Dr Tobias Pincock, facial plastic surgeon. “With the right planning, this look is very achievable for everyone’.

2017 PREDICTION 6: Get your MOAN BACK, ladies! Why DRY VAGINA is a thing of the past.
While we all have heard that ‘The New 50’s is your 40’s’ and reassured that ;Your 40’s is the new 30’s’, when it comes to the vagina – you may not have heard we can now achieve your 20’s, at any age.

In 2016, vagina rejuvenation might have seemed alien and weird for women but in 2017 its now generating a wave of cougar confidence for woman re-adventuring back into dating or for those breaking down the notion of a female sexual expiry date.

The secret is out. Slippery when wet.
With the entry of feminine intimate lasers for dry vagina, this complete game changer for women looking to extend the quality of their sex life has moved beyond where it was in 2016.

While 2016 was about treating women in peri-menopause or menopause with
classical atrophic vaginitis from lowering oestrogen states, the real movement now is
about the offering the choice of maintaining peak sexual performance -drug free.

Access our SEALED SECTION articles for more



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