How to make the most of your mouth

How to make the most of your mouth

“Every smile makes you a day younger”

Ancient Chinese Proverb



In 2016, cosmetic medicine doctors are spending more and more time talking about how      small  improvements  to your smile can really make high impact. 

Now with invisible braces straightening teeth, filler to plump lips or Botxxx for a too-gummy smile, we know there are many ways you can make the most of your mouth and keep             it smiling for longer.

A beautiful smile packs a punch

Getting the perfect smile is now easier than ever with more innovative and affordable options to                          achieve it. For people wishing to refresh their smile, update their look or  make the most             of their features this is our  quick guide on whats available in the Perfect Smile Industry                                     to improve and refresh smiles today.


Get Straight, bright and even teeth

With dental DIY strips entering the market, there is no excuse for not attempting to brighten your teeth. Although popular teeth whitening dental procedures in the dentists office can lighten your teeth up to eight shades in an hour for about $600. Porcelain veneers are a favourite for creating prettier and younger smiles. Composite bonding can look as good as veneers but does depend on the skill of the dentist. For those who want to straighten their smile without old school metal braces, invisible braces have revolutionised adults making last minute improvements to their teeth.

Who is respected in this field: Dr David Carr, cosmetic dentist in Double Bay (02 9363 3433)  and Dr Derek Mahony (02 9314 5533), Orthodontist at Randwick, Sydney.

Lips job to die for

Lip artistry is what can define a good lip job, so make sure you are confident in your clinic and  your injector. Not all injectors are equal and their degree of experience and philosophy of practice will determine the type of lip job you might get. The lip filler is also worth enquiring about as  “Not all fillers are created equal” says  Nurse Toby,  aka #NurseToby1, Taylor Clinic’s Registered Nurse  at Double Bay, “there are so many cheaper fillers flooding the market, its best you go for a quality Labelled filler which will be right for the lip look you desire”.

Gummy-Smile  quick fix

A gummy smile is one that exposes more than 3mm of gingival tissue. Whilst the periodontists   dominate the permanent surgical market for gummy smile fixes, non-surgical quick fixes have gained increasing popularity. Good cosmetic injectors will be able to give a  temporary fix to gummy smiles  by using anti-wrinkle injections to weaken the “elevator” muscles that raise the upper lips so thy cant lift above the                   gum line.  This can last for about 3 to 6 months and cost  about $40. “This is a great technique to use” says Nurse Toby, and as for side effects,  he tells us jokingly, “there is the unlikely complication of  a few weeks of mouth dribbling       when sucking on …..straws!”


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