Eyebrow and Facial Tattoo Removal – a Specialized Area that Needs Expert Hands

Eyebrow tattoo removal is a specialized area and our team of facial plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors and registered nurses can safely remove tattooed eyebrows or lighten tattooed eyebrows for revision procedures.

Laser around eye regions carries high risk if performed in untrained and unregistered hands.  Most permanent eyebrow tattoos require skill in removal and a high degree of safety knowledge.

Tattooed eyebrows are often darker and have potent mixed inks. Given tattoo’s proximity to the eyes and surrounding face attention to the safety of the procedure is paramount.

At Taylor Clinic we only use PicoSure tattoo removal technology for the best results in tattoo removal, which can safely remove facial tattoos and eyebrow tattoos effectively and efficiently.

Our laser can remove yellow and red pigment tattoos as well which cannot be safely removed by traditional Q switched Ng Yag lasers without the risk of scarring.

Our facial plastic surgeon also can manage tattoo pigment complications and can be consulted regarding the option of surgical removal of tattoos.

Permanent lip liner and eyeliner removal can be discussed with our medical professionals.

Our Doctors offer medical grade anaesthetic creams, anaesthetic injections as well as anaesthetic gas for those who are anxious about the process.

Contact us today on 1300 003 223  for a free laser tattoo removal consultation.

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