Exclusive invite: Super Sexy Saturday deals and specials


1 Day only, so be quick to claim your deal.

May 21st @ our Double Bay Clinic.  Tel: 1300 003 223

                                                            super sexy saturday

The Taylor clinic is offering 1 day only specials so call us now to claim your deal and book in a time on Saturday.  Limited places available!  Choose from one of the following:


Deal 1.  Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation

$250 for a #renew again treatment with our fractionated vagina laser designed to refresh vaginal lining improving lubrication, reducing vaginal laxity and heightening sexual experience for you and your partner.


Deal 2.  Free treatment LightSheer hair reduction device

Book our FREE 2min’s WITH the newest PAINLESS HAIR reduction DEVICE the LIGHTSHEER so we can show you how hair removal is done.  Now safe all skin types.


Deal 3.  FREE treatment Ion Magnum
Ion magnums is an advanced muscle building and tightening system which stimulates muscles through the use of microcurrents which accelerates cellulite reduction and tones underlying muscles.  See your immediate treatment results.  Normally $120/treatment – Free trial on our Super Saturday.


Deal 4.  $10 B@t@x – anti wrinkle injectable’s deal 

Introductory offer for our Super Saturday Special.


Call us on 1300 00 FACE (1300 00 3223) to book your spot.

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