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The cosmetic secrets every bride deserves to know before their wedding

Taylor Clinic has the 2016 Essential Bridal Cosmetic Guide to help brides to be look and feel their best on their wedding day. So go ahead and share this with someone you know who is planning their big day.

Well your planning for your big day and you want to look your best, right? Of course you are, and there is no shame in that. At Taylor Clinic, we are 100% dedicated to healthy eating, alcohol reduction, smoking cessation and exercise to get you looking smashing for your big day when all your friends and family will be looking at your adoringly.  (But a little secret, or a tip or two never goes astray though!) So here are Taylor Clinic’s Best Bridal  Non surgical Cosmetic tips to get you looking amazing right before your wedding.

  1. There are alternatives to unhealthy last minute crash dieting. 

 Coolsculpting is a non-surgical body sculpt which removes stubborn pockets of fat such as love handles, double chins, stomachs, muffin tops, bras line bulges and tuckshop arms permanentlycoosculptingImagine sitting in a chair,  fat freezing  pockets of fat  like your love handles and knowing in 1 hour your going to have 25% fat reduction noticeable in about 3 weeks.

Move over liposuction, welcome CoolSculpting!

Coolsculpting is the revolutionary treatment now being considered by Bridal parties as fun way to get ready for the Big Day! I suppose when Kim Kardashian Coolsculpts just to fit into her New Years Eve dress you know your hearing about Hollywoods #newnormal treatment. Coolsculpting takes 3-12 weeks before results are visible and planning of Coolsculpting treatments prior to weddings can be arranged.bridal sculpt

We do not advocate bridal crash dieting, lemon drink detox diet, skinny tea diets  or prescription weight loss drugs to temporarily lose the last few kilos.  Lifestyle changes are more likely to result in long term weight loss.  Lifestyle changes with CoolSculpting is an alternative any day of the week to these fad diets.

Coolsculpting treatment are the evidence based way that you can sculpt away those stubborn areas you know are the trickiest to erradicate  despite hours at the gym. Its safe, permanent, non surgical and it can take as little as an hour.

Coolsculpting allows you to confidently celebrate your curves and the bridal sculpt is fast becoming our most popular treatment because it helps women get that beautiful hourglass curve without the ridiculous demand to lose weight rapidly.

bridal sculptExamples of its uses are:

  • It  removes the bras fat bulge on your back
  • the bulge around your arms which overhangs your corset.
  • the tuckshop arm
  • the double chin
  • male love handles

But plan ahead so you see the best of your results, as results are visible after 3 weeks and continue to improve for weeks ahead.

At Taylor Clinic we have  an unrivalled four Coolsculpting machines which enables you to Coolsculpt 4 times faster and could give you a total body transformation in just a few hours.  Check out our Octopussy here. More info please? Find it here.


2.  How to get the face of an angel before your wedding day….start with the base.

There is a sequence to getting the bridal face completely right. The most important thing is complexion. Like many things in life, you have to get the base right first.

pico lunch time laser

PICO lunch time laser

Women who have sun spots, pigmentation, melasma or acne scars should consider picosure fractionated laser treatments to even our complexion, volumise skin and reduce fine lines and pigments.

Treatments should be performed 3 months in advance for best results.


Some women who have accumulated crows feet and forehead lines and wrinkles might opt for a little freshening up prior to the big day.

bridal sculpt

Dermal filler can volumes lips

Anti-wrinkle injections are brilliant at refreshing women’s faces. Women should have trialled  the amount of units required in advance to ensure that the most natural appearance is created and expression are still maintained.  Remember you want fresh not frozen.

Dermal Filler is also a great option to reducing tired bags under eyes, heighten cheeks and volumise lips but should be planned a few weeks in advance to ensure there is no bruising.   There is a needle involved, no matter how good you are, there is still risks of bruising. Also artistry makes a difference so check your level of experience of your injector and investigate which products the injector is using.  All prodcuts aren’t equal and all products may not be rght for what your looking for. So don’t shop on price, shop of expertise.

For women who wish to reduce the gummy smile, anti-wrinkle injections can be used to lower the lip. Similarly, this procedure should be trialled well before the wedding date – you might not enjoy your honeymoon as much (giggles), we will explain in person if you don’t get the joke.


3.     Who says you can’t  ask about our Sealed Section Advice

For the adventurous couples: female vaginal rejuvenation is available, non surgical labiaplasty, vontouring and  vaginal laser treatments  can be performed with the Mona Lisa Touch with our Female Doctor. For more information, request an appointment with our Taylor Clinic Doctors for a little chat about our sexiest laser in the world, the Mona Lisa Touch.

4.    Timing is everything. 

confused bridal

Tip – timing is important

The Taylor Bride gets organised. Timing is everything, so plan ahead to get the most out of your treatments. Don’t think about planning an aesthetic treatment a week before the wedding, cosmetic medicine is not a hair appointment!  Some treatments take time to work for them to give their best results.

Bridal cosmetic medicine incorporates expertise in planning and execution of body sculpting and face cosmetic medicine. If you schedule your treatments according to your  priority areas which should be identified on you personalised cosmetic plan, you can be best placed to time your treatments around your busy schedule so you can get the best results.

Here’s your Timing is Everything 6  Basic Facts to help you plan treatments.

Tattoo removals can take up to 9 month for complete removal

Anti-wrinkle injections take up 1 week to take take effect

Dermal fillers can cause bruising so should be performed at least 2-3 weeks before a wedding and ideally well before to ensure your happy with the result

Ultherapy ultrasonic non surgical face lifts get their best results 3 months after the initial treatment

Picosure Focus Laser treatments for the face to improve complexion, reduce sun damage and fine lines and wrinkles should be planned a few months in advance.

Coolsculpting takes 3-12 weeks to take effect.

5. Package it up to get it cheaper

bridal sculptBridal Parties can take advantage of Coolsculpting packs of 10 to ensures your entire bridal party has a dress enhancing sculpt performed.  Yes, we can do Pico packs, Wedding packages, bridal packages,  and mother of  the bride packages are also available too for those who wish to treat their mothers.



There is no shame in wanting to look your best. So to all those planning a wedding, enjoy the day and enjoy the planning.


WANT TO CHAT IN PERSON? We will be at the Sydney Bridal Expo, April 18 at the Hordern Pavilion #sydneybridalexpo.

couples with TC

Taylor Clinic Concierge is available for our private clients

Taylor Clinic is located in Double Bay, Bella Vista and Wollongong.  Dr Suzie Bekir is a general practitioner with a special interest in cosmetic medicine, laser medicine and womens health.

For further details please arrange to speak with our Taylor Clinic Concierge Director, Simon Land on 0400400197.








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