How We Are Changing The Face Of Cosmetic Medicine

Welcome to something different.

Now it’s time to experience for yourself how Taylor Clinic Bella Vista has updated the mundane routine act of cosmetic injectables to become the ultimate indulgence in total health.

Welcome to Integrated Cosmetics now exclusively available at Taylor Clinic Bella Vista.

To distinguish ourselves from other non-medically led cosmetic clinics we redesigned the cosmetic experience innovating a new integrated approach that sets us worlds apart from the rest! our signature integrated medical care means a cosmetic grooming experience beyond expectation.

With all our team now located in Bella Vista, we infuse cosmetic medicine with medicine, skin checks, women’s health, facial plastic surgery, nutritional medicine, tattoo removal, metabolic medicine and mindfulness.

Yes. One Clinic. More Doctors and a Whole Health Experience starting with YOU!


Get Inspired By Wellness (We Are)

It’s why we added Detox so you can experience intravenous vitamins and nutritional medicine to support your health. Iron infusions as well as power mixes of vitamin C, glutathione, B’s, Magnesium and zinc available to our nutritionally trained Doctors.

Get #sexfactor
We made 2018 the year of #sexfactor and ripped our sealed section wide open with more Doctors who know sexual health and cosmetics to help you get your sexy-back with treatments to get your sex drive out of neutral.


2019 is the Year of the Smear
Taylor Clinic is supporting women’s health and helping women understand the new 2018 pap smear guidelines by offering Women’s Health Checks (bulk billed) this year to help women cycle together on the new 5-year Smear guidelines.

Skin Check Included
Our Doctors are infusing skin checking as part of your visit meaning you can get skin checks done even in your injectables appointment.


+ Self-Love
Why we introduced meditation and mindfulness by David Flakelar to your health journey.

Tattoo + Removal
This season cosmetic tattoos are taking brows to a whole new level and as part of our new look Taylor Clinic we are joining the cosmetic tattoo revolution taking our cue from Gordana Willessee.

Be part of our self-care movement.
Making time for self-care may seem irrelevant or even vain, but taking care of ourselves is the most vital part of feeling whole and in doing so can be of service to the world.

At the forefront of cosmetic medicine in Sydney, Taylor Clinic at Bella Vista awaits you. Contact us for more info on 1300 003 223 or click here to Book NOW.

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