‘Bacne’ – An easy guide for men for the treatment of back acne

Do you have a husband, friend, or partner that refuses to take their shirt off?

For many men, back acne and scarring is an embarrassing reality that reduces their self-confidence dramatically. Back acne is a common skin condition affecting many teenagers and adult males which is multi-factorial in nature.

Back Acne = BACNE=


Finally a Back Acne treatment (without creams or pills).

Let’s face it, Bacne looks bad. BUT it doesn’t have to be the beach-wrecker for you this summer.

If you’re sick of ✋feeling sidelined and left-out with your shirt-on while everyone’s out in the water you can get back the freedom of going shirtless this Summer.

For those who want to see the back of acne or acne scars then read ahead, especially if YOU’RE over:

✔ The Hidden Nasties in those Anti-bacterial Body Washes. What nasties??!

✔ Antibiotic Resistance & Gut problems with oral antibiotics

✔Expensive creams (in small tubes 😫)

✔ Not knowing you have MORE OPTIONS!

Back AcneMany men want a non-medicated option and are not aware of the benefits of Fractionated Laser Therapy. Generally speaking, men find it embarrassing and/or difficult to seek out treatment. At Taylor Clinic we aim to make this process more simplified.

Don’t put off treatment any longer. Assessment and treatment of ‘bacne’ are easy! Check out our Taylor Clinic guide for men for the treatment of back acne:


1) Medical review for an underlying cause

Make an appointment to see one of our Taylor Clinic doctors to determine and rule out any underlying causes. Hormones, genetics, diet and bacterial infections are the main contributing causes of back acne. By not treating the underlying causes attempts to treat topically will most likely be unsuccessful.

2) Understanding treatment options

Medications do have a role, however, there are non-medicated back acne treatment alternatives (such as fractionated laser therapy) which have had amazing results in the treatment of both active acne, acne scarring and pigmentation. Fractionated lasers have long been known to treat skin conditions and implementing these principals to specifically treat ‘bacne’ is having a positive impact on the lives of many men suffering from this skin condition.

3) Commencing your treatment plan today

Don’t put it off any longer. Taylor Clinic provides a ‘one-stop shop’ approach and has a team of highly trained doctor and nurses onsite where assessment and treatment can be booked to be done all on the same day.

back acne treatment

Ok so what if it’s the Lazy-Boys version for ultimate skin MINUS the expensive small tubes of creams you can’t even reach to apply to your back anyway! But allow to me explain how this Dermatologist approved treatment using the science of light works.

At Taylor Clinic we have revolutionized the way we treat acne scars and pigmentation using Fractionated Laser Therapy. Our bodies have a fantastic healing mechanism. Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing works on this principle, targeting a fraction of our skin which provides patients with minimal downtime and risks, but maximizes the results.

It addresses not only the pigmentation but also is used as a tool to rejuvenate and resurface the skin. Depending on the area to be treated, typically a Fractional Laser treatment takes around an hour. Healing time generally only takes 36-48 hours.

Fractionated lasers (particularly with blue light wave capability) also reduce the skins bacterial load of p.acnes responsible for acne, help regulate the silosebaceous unit, build collagen reducing scars and remove pigmentation. (Ref)

Doctors can prescribe between:


✔Fractionated laser

✔Blue light wave fractionated lasers

✔ CO2 fractional ablative laser

✔Erbium ablative laser

Depending on your skin typing, degree of active acne, post inflammatory pigmentation or type of scarring…and your needs.

Have the confidence to take that shirt off this summer!!! 

Keen to Find Out More The Make an Appointment Now 1300 00 3223 (or click here.) and learn more from Doctors who understand that lotions and pills are NOT THE ONLY WAY to treat acne or acne scars on your back.


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