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The Taylor Clinics week by week guide to Mardi Gras preparation

Get the Mardi Gras preparation tips Tailored for you.

Here it is,  a sneak preview of our week by week Tailored Guide to get yourself  Mardi Gras Ready.

We all know, Its all in the preparation. Taylor Clinic has prepared a few of our 2016 Mardi Gras tips to get your smoking hot for this years Mardi Gras and and help you take advantage of Sydney’s hottest deals for face and body.

Week 6. Get CoolSculpting.

6 weeks of gym or 6 cycles of CoolSculpting? Your shortcut to the ultimate abs.


Week 5. Jaw Line.

Luck of the jaw just got luckier. How to get the man jaw that increases your success rate.


 Week 4. Filler time.

Fill me up. How dermal filler can refresh the man in you.


Week 3. Skin Conditioning. 

Skin  is in. Taylor Clinic’s 5 Signature Hangover skin tips for the Morning After The Night Before


 Week 2. Get your Anti-wrinkle injections.

Face up. 6 tips on how to avoid dodgy cosmetic injectors. Buyer beware, here are some warning signs you should be looking for to ensure your injector is professional, safe and gives you product you actually pay for.


 Week 1. Hangover preparation.

How to avoid the Hangover with simple preparation. Prebook your IV rescue clinic now and plan your recovery process.

Watch our week by week guide to Mardi Gras by the Taylor Clinic.

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