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6 Embarrassing Body Bulges that can be Corrected in 1 Hour With CoolSculpting

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, there’s a little area of stubborn fat on our bodies that simply won’t budge. For some of us, it’s our fat knees, or that muffin top around our stomachs that makes wearing skinny jeans a nightmare.

The mums among us will be familiar with ‘tuckshop arms’ those flabby deposits of upper arm fat that swing back and forth whenever we give directions.

What makes these fatty deposits so depressing is the fact that no matter how much we diet or exercise, they don’t seem to go away.

But science has come to our rescue yet again with a medical advancement that reduces spot fat freezing by 25-30%, without surgery while you sit in a chair and relax.

Yes, you read correctly.

You’re probably thinking that this sounds too good to be true, right?

But it is true. Cryolipolysis, otherwise known as ‘CoolSculpting’ or ‘Body Sculpting’, was invented by a specialist medical team based at Massachusetts General Hospital in the USA. They noticed that cold temperatures have the ability to selectively freeze fat and decided to utilise this as a way to eliminate fat spots on their patients.


While undergoing a CoolSculpting session, a machine delivers precision cooling to certain areas that contain fat cells under the skin. This effectively freezes the fat or crystallises the fat cells, which are frozen, die and are eliminated by your body.

Of course, patients still require a medical assessment to check for suitability for cryolipolysis. But overall, this is a safe, office based procedure that more and more Australians are getting done every day.

So where are the best places to have CoolSculpting applied? Here are our Top 6:

The Turkey Neck

Whether you call it turkey neck or a double chin, if that annoying pocket of fat that juts out under your real chin causes you grief every time you look in the mirror, it’s time to say goodbye to it. Because the fat here is concentrated in such a small space, it’s a prime target for CoolSculpting mini. Many patients frequently have a concurrent treatment with Ultherapy to lift the neck and jowls.

fat freezing sydney

cool sculpting results double chin

The Knobbly Knees

Stubborn fat around the knees can make legs appear disproportionate, and is a nightmare in summer when you want to start wearing shorts and miniskirts. Until now, the only way to get rid of fat from knees is to have liposuction, but now, sufferers can take advantage of Body Sculpting. Like the turkey neck, knee fat is an ideal candidate for the CoolSculpting mini, as it’s another area where the fat is deposited in a very small area.

The Bat Wings

Have you noticed a bulge that forms around your bra line that loves to show itself whenever you wear a fitted T-shirt? These are called bat wings, and they are hated by women of all ages. The good news is that they are another excellent candidate for CoolSculpting. In fact, you can be rid of these embarrassing body bulges in 3-12 weeks.

Tuckshop Arms

Remember those canteen ladies whose upper arm flab used to flap about whenever they raised their arms? And you thought you’d NEVER let that happen to you. But despite your best efforts, you find yourself hiding your upper arms under long-sleeved tops to prevent embarrassment. Well, summer’s on the way, so you might want to think about zapping some fat from the upper arms with a session of CoolSculpting. Even one or two sessions can have you tank-top ready.


The Muffin Top

Not sure what muffin top is? It’s that dreaded fatty overhang that makes wearing high-waisted pants impossible. This particularly stubborn belly fat is best tamed with a low-sugar diet and regular cardio exercise, but if you still need some extra help, CoolSculpting can definitely be a Godsend to freeze fat.

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The Love Handles

The name ‘love handles’ almost sounds endearing, but there is nothing to love about those twin deposits of fat that sit on the side of your belly and refuse to cooperate with your skinny jeans. Like muffin top, love handles are best destroyed with sensible diet and exercise, but when all else fails, CoolSculpting comes to the rescue.

love handles

Want to find out more? Our CoolSculpting experts offer complimentary 360-degree body consults and can talk to you about CoolSculpting and show you the results we are getting.

Taylor Clinic Sydney Body Sculpting experts are located at Bella Vista. Taylor Clinic has the CoolSculpting mini and also has 4 Coolsculpting machines, which means you can sculpt 4 times faster – perfect for Body Sculpting in Sydney to sculpt you into your ultimate body transformation for those with a busy schedule.

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