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How 6 embarrassing body bulges can be corrected in 1 hour without under going the knife.

We are all human and no one has a perfect body. But its ok to want to help smooth out a few of those rough areas we have acquired over the years.

Those little embarrassing bulge areas that are resistant to dietary changes and exercise. No matter how hard you have tried doing all the right things to get into tip top shape, these stubborn pockets of fat still annoy you despite all your best efforts.

Science has finally delivered with the answer to these embarrassing spots. Because it is now possible for you to non-surgically correct these troublesome spots! In 1 hour. While you sit in a chair. Ironic.


Yes, finally technology and medical advancements may not have cured cancer but they have given us a Harvard researched, evidence based technology that works extremely effectively at fixing problem areas we previously thought only a plastic surgeon could treat.

Cryolipolysis otherwise known now as Coolsculpting is this treatment that everyone is talking about and this treatment is no fad.  You can get a 25-30% permanent reduction of fat in 1 hour.

Of course, patients still require a medical assessment to assess for suitability for cryolipolysis. But overall, this is a safe, office based procedure that more and more Australian’s are getting down every day.

We have collated Taylor Clinic’s  6 most popular HOT SPOT areas undergoing a little COOLING and fat freezing in 2016.

The top 6 small embarrassing bulges which can be corrected in 1 hour cycle without undergoing the knife are:

1.The Turkey Neck

coolsculptingOtherwise known as the Double Chin. This pocket of fat is one of our favourites to treat with the New Coolsculpt Mini. The Coolsculpt Mini is perfect to reduce this nuisance pocket of fat causing grief. Many patients frequently have a concurrent treatment with Ultherapy to lift the neck and jowls.

2.The Knobbly knees

Fat knees have typically been a liposuction procedure. Australians now have a new non -surgical option to explore with Coolsculpting. The Coolsculpting MINI is ideal for this area. An option that is non surgical for those who are considering liposuction, is worth exploring.

Coolsculpting knee

3.The Bat Wings

This is a classical area for women to detest. Bat wings are around the  bra bulge zone. The rolls of fat around your back bras line that protrude when you wear a basic  tight Tshirts. Easily eradicated with body sculpting. Since the advent of body sculpting, these embarrassing body bulges can disappear in 3-12 weeks.

love handles

4.The Tuckshop arms

An Australian classic sculpt area. The tuckshop arm is a favourite in women and no necessarily older women too. Many women suffer from a disproportion and have hidden their arms out of great embarrassment. Great results from this beauty. Check this out.Coolsculpting

5. The Muffin Top

This dreaded fatty overhang was heightened by the advent of low cut jeans and our  modern day thickening waist lines. The muffin top is sculpted with a simple waist sculpt. One of the most popular sculpts at the Clinic with fabulous results for both men and women.

6. The Love Handles

We all know this cheeky area creeps up on us even in our happiest moments of life. However, its a classic for couples to be coming in to remove.coolscul



Want to find out more? Our Coolsculpting experts offer complimentary 360 degree body consults and can talk to you about Coolsculpting and show you the results we are getting.

Here are 9 Coolsculpting facts you want to read before you get started.

Taylor Clinic Coolsculpting experts can be contacted on 1300 00 FACE and are cool sculpting price at Bella Vista. Taylor Clinic has the Coolsculpt mini and also has 4 Coolsculpts which means you can sculpt 4 times faster. Check out our Octopussy sculpt giving you the ultimate body transformation for those with a busy schedule.

Contact us today to find out about our Coolsculpting price in Sydney and about how we can treat your 6 embarrassing body bulges in 1 hour.


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