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Silhoutte Soft is a new, innovative non-invasive lunch time facelift performed by Taylor Clinic cosmetic doctors. Thread lifts are a non invasive alternative to facelifts. The procedure is performed by our Taylor Clinic doctors as an office procedure under local anaesthetic and requires no stitches or cutting of the skin.

Patients can see a dramatic improvement in their appearance in under 1 hour. The thread is made from an organic polymer of lactic acid which is naturally found in your body. These threads lift are perfect for sagging jowls, cheeks, necks and even drooping eyelids. Results last for around 18 months after which this procedure can be repeated again.

How to get started with Silhouette Soft

Please make an appointment to see one of our Taylor Clinic cosmetic doctors who will assess to see if this procedure is suitable for you. At your appointment you can expect a complimentary medicare comprehensive cosmetic face consultation. Local anaesthetic is applied to the exit and entry points of the thread on the face and Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is available to ensure your absolute comfort throughout the procedure.

Silhouette Soft can be combined with many of the treatments offered at Taylor Clinic and is commonly complimented particularly with anti -wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and ultherapy ultrasonic lifts.

Please contact our friendly team on 1300 003 223 and book in for a consultation1300 003 223 and book in for a consultation.

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