Scarring Intimacy – Medical Treatment Options for Breast Scars

Scars commonly cause distress to patients and unfortunately, many women who have undergone breast augmentation, breast reduction or reconstructive breast surgery are left with the scarring reminder of surgery or their past which can affect self-confidence and intimacy.

“Many patients after having breast augmentation surgery are not made aware that their scars can be safely and effectively treated by lasers”, says Dr Suzan Bekir, GP and cosmetic doctor. “Breast scars, like surgical scars or acne scars, can undergo scar reduction treatments; we see great results with silicon-based gels, sometimes anti-inflammatory injections may help or lasers particularly resurfacing lasers. At the moment I am seeing great results particularly from ablative laser resurfacing of scars from women who have undergone breast augmentation”.

Scars result from a chaotic wound healing response leaving behind fibrotic tissue due to irregular collagen formation. Although there are different types of scars; atrophic, hypertrophic and keloid scars, most breast scars are generally mild and will respond to topical treatments.
However, many women who are still embarrassed by their breast scars after surgery should consider seeing a Doctor who specialises in skin, scars as well as laser medicine to see whether a laser reduction treatment for their scars is appropriate.

Taylor clinic lasers

Fractionated laser – Fractionated lasers are able to improve the appearance of scars. They have less downtime and improve skin texture.

Ablative lasers – Resurfacing is a superior procedure however they have significantly more downtime. Carbon dioxide erbium resurfacing lasers are available at Taylor Clinic performed by our surgeons, cosmetic surgeons and doctors.

Costs – Breast scar Fractionated and ablative laser treatments $400/treatment

Want to speak with a skin Doctor who understands Scars and its complications?
Taylor Clinic Doctors are trained in skin conditions and offer consultations and treatments for scarring. Bella Vista, Wollongong, Double Bay. Call 1300 00 3223 for an appointment.

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