Safe Cosmetic Wrinkle Injections and Face & Neck Lift procedures in Sydney

At The Taylor Clinic, Dr Tobias Pincock and his staff are committed to providing the highest quality and most innovative facial sculpting procedures. Our two offices are located in Bella Vista and Double Bay. The Taylor Clinic provides you with a safe, private and pleasant environment in which to experience the best in facial cosmetic medicine.

We Offer Many Procedures

Specialising exclusively in non-surgical cosmetic rejuvenation of the face, we offer a variety of procedures including:

– Liquid face lift
– Eye lift
– Neck lift
– Lip augmentation
– Wrinkle injections
– Dermal fillers
– Skin rejuvenation

Our clients come from the local area, as well as surrounding suburbs, to enjoy the Taylor Clinic difference. Seeking subtle, natural lip fillers in Baulkham Hills or Double Bay? Or perhaps you’re looking for a more comprehensive approach to facial sculpting at our Double Bay clinic? Whichever type of treatment you seek, you’ll find it at the Taylor Clinic.

The Taylor Clinic aims to build trust and rapport with our clients through our expert knowledge applied with care, integrity and use of the highest quality products. Dr Tobias Pincock is a dual fellowship trained facial plastic surgeon in private practice in the Greater Sydney area. He has teamed with several of the city’s most experienced cosmetic nursing specialists to provide an expert team dedicated to rejuvenating or refreshing the facial region in a non-surgical manner.

You can discuss with us any areas of interest and express your concerns so that we can address them in a realistic manner. The objective of the consultation is to have a better understanding of your goals, expectations and budget so together, we can offer the most optimal treatments to meet your goals.

Our aim is to help increase your self-confidence, body image and answer any and all of your questions. We have a great understanding of facial aesthetics and facial ageing. With our deep knowledge and expertise in facial aesthetics, we can enhance your facial appearance with treatments like lip fillers whilst achieving realistic and natural results.

Seeing a cosmetic facial specialist is not just about getting anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers, it is about taking into consideration the whole person and addressing the anatomy of ageing in that particular individual, taking into consideration their concerns and developing a “tailor made” solution for that person.

Whether it is to simply talk about the possibilities or take the leap and book an appointment for cosmetic injections in Sydney, we are with you every step of the way. Call The Taylor Clinic now on 1300 00FACE.